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April 16, 2016

Jamie Murray

Bruno Soares

Monte Carlo, Monaco


6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Were you aware of the pressure to become No. 1?
JAMIE MURRAY: I knew obviously what the situation was with the match. I mean, I didn't care really. I mean, like I got to No. 1, that was the main thing.

Yeah, I mean, if we didn't win the match, wasn't going to be the end of the world or anything like that.

No, we played really well. I think we really controlled the match for the most part. They came back into it well in the second set. We got through a couple of tricky moments.

But, yeah, I think we did really well from start to finish.

Q. How much would it be a step forward to win a clay court Masters?
JAMIE MURRAY: For me, it's huge. I haven't really done particularly well in Masters Series full stop really. To get to the first final, yeah, is another steppingstone.

I think the Masters Series, you know from the first ball you're going to have to play either the best doubles teams in the world or the best singles players. To get in the tournament, you've got to be really top 25 in the world. You know you're going to have to beat quality opposition.

Yeah, we're excited to be in the final.

Q. Jamie, a bit of an injury yesterday. How are you feeling today?
JAMIE MURRAY: I felt actually better today. Actually, my first serve in the match, I kind of landed a bit on it again, kind of like set it off. It was bothering me a bit. Just when I served, not really anything else.

I didn't feel like I used my legs so well on my serve today, which I kind of got into trouble a couple of times, too many second serves.

Hopefully another day to kind of get treatment and all of that nonsense and be good to go tomorrow.

Q. Would it be right in assuming you will be playing Olympics alongside Melo?

Q. How strange was it playing against him?
BRUNO SOARES: It's not easy. We're very good friends. We're from the same city. We grew up together. He was the best man at my wedding. We played already against each other, I think this is 12 or 13.

It's a bit awkward. It's a strange feeling. He's a good friend. I'm always cheering for him. When I play him, it's not ideal. But, I mean, it's better to do that in the semifinals than in the first round. At least we know one of us is in the final.

Q. You could maybe play Herbert and Mahut in the final. Can you say some words on this team and what you think of them.


BRUNO SOARES: Very good team. They play amazing tennis. They've been very consistent since they started. They won US Open last year. This year, back-to-back Miami, Indian Wells. Playing well here. Had a tough match yesterday. Came through with a lot of confidence. Also playing a very tough team, the Colombians.

We are ready for tomorrow. We know we'll have a tough one.

Q. What is the toughest thing facing them?
JAMIE MURRAY: I think they both serve big serves, especially Herbert. Both of them can return really well, hard returns, which is kind of a lot what doubles is about these days.

They move around well at the net.

BRUNO SOARES: They have no weaknesses. It's tough. They're all-around players. They do everything well. They can beat you so many different ways.


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