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April 13, 2016

Aljaz Bedene

Monte Carlo, Monaco

R. NADAL/A. Bedene

6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You had some chances there, didn't you, today?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah, loads I think. Yeah, I honestly didn't play my best tennis. And seeing him struggling on the forehand side, I was trying to change a bit because I know, like, a few years ago when he was ripping his forehand, that was his best shot.

But now when you press his forehand, that's his weaker side. I was changing it a bit, which was, yeah, interesting.

Although I spoke to (indiscernible) before, and he said, Yeah, that's the side you should play.

But, yeah, I wasn't feeling great. It's a bit different to play on center court. Yeah, just not feeling good. Got injections in my back today in the morning because I, yeah, couldn't do much without it.

But yeah, I mean, I was still feeling good on the court. I guess injections were helping. Had my chances; didn't take them.

I have to learn still a lot. But I think it was a good experience.

Q. When did the back become an issue?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Before the first round. I got now the injections for the second time.

It's helping. But, yeah, have to go do an MRI to see if the disc is injured. So, yeah, we'll see.

Q. Is that cortisone injections?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Haven't really checked. But they said inflammation drug, I don't know. Nothing illegal (smiling).

Q. Did you sense that he was getting nervous at the end of the first set?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yes. Well, at the beginning I wasn't playing good. I was struggling a bit. He was playing, you know, decent ball. His spin gets you way back. I was struggling.

But then from 1-5 down, I was playing my tennis, got into the match. I had a breakpoint back for 4-5. I didn't use it, didn't play to capacity. I knew he was struggling there. If I would break there, it would be interesting.

But against those players, I have to start better. If I do, definitely I would have a better chance of winning.

Q. Can you clarify which wrist it was you had the problem with before?
ALJAZ BEDENE: The right one.

Q. How was that today?
ALJAZ BEDENE: That's good.

Q. It was okay?

Q. Are you still going to Barcelona to train with Andy?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah, still go.

Q. Do you think for a player like you, maybe four years ago, playing Rafa on the clay, particularly here in Monte-Carlo, he's won so often, there would have been quite a fear factor possibly, whereas perhaps now guys like yourself ranked around 50 maybe go out there thinking you've got a chance to win?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah, I mean, I think four years ago my friend Dusan Lajovic, spoke to him at the French Open. I spoke to him the day before. He said, It's going to be tough. I probably don't see myself winning, but I want to perform well. I think he got like two or three games. And he was playing decent ball.

Yeah, I mean, nowadays, struggling a bit more. It's easier to go on the court. You can see he's not feeling great on the forehand side, which is still a weapon in a way, but if he's under pressure, he's not the same player.

Q. Aside from Rafa's own problems, you must be quite pleased with how you performed against him?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah, I mean, it's great to play against a champion like him. But I'm not happy with the way I played. There were too many ups and downs. I have to improve. I'm happy that I played against him. I can see my weaknesses, where my weaknesses are. He's got one of the best spins in the world.

Yeah, it will definitely help me to improve. So I'm happy just to be there. But I want to perform better, yeah.

Q. Where do you think your weaknesses are?
ALJAZ BEDENE: My weaknesses? Oh, there are many.

Well, definitely I have to be more aggressive. For example, there was a breakpoint at 3-5 for 4-5. Yeah, I just stayed passive, basically waiting for his mistake. That shouldn't happen. I should be on it, you know, stay aggressive. Even someone like him who's defending well, I've got good strokes. So if I get onto my forehand, I can play a winner.

But, yeah, I shouldn't really wait.

Q. Given what you say is sort of a drop in Nadal's standards, do you think he's a legitimate contender for the French Open title this year?
ALJAZ BEDENE: I think he is always. He loves the clay. He's a great player. So even if he's not feeling great, he's always one of the two or three favorites to win it.

So, yes. He's a great person, as well. I wish him the best. I know he's been struggling. But, yeah, he's, what, nine-time champion at the French Open. I think he can do the tenth one, yeah.

Q. What about your hopes to play in Davis Cup now? Do you hope to play or now it's difficult?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Well, they said no, but we are still finding the solution. So it's not a definite no.

Q. Are you working with the Federation in order to obtain the right to play?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yes. They're doing everything they can.

Q. You're optimistic?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Not really. But, you know, it's tough.

Q. Touching back on the fact that you're training with Andy next week, how significant has his support been to you?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah, I mean, he's a great guy, a great player. Every time I get to practice with him, I can learn a lot. Although I've been so far practicing only a few days, I've always seen it as a benefit for me.

As I've said, I've noticed a few different weaknesses, and I can work on that with a top player, which is always great. So I'm really looking forward to the next week.

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