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April 12, 2016

David Goffin

Monte Carlo, Monaco

D. GOFFIN/F. Lopez

7-5, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. The first set was a bit tighter. You started off well.
DAVID GOFFIN: I'm very happy with this match, for a first match on clay. Well, I played Indian Wells and Davis Cup. But I had a very good week's preparation before here and it was a very good match.

But, as you said in the first set, I lost my focus. I made two double-faults. But I felt I was better than he was, even in the first set. As the match progressed, it was better and better.

Q. Is it a problem that you make those double-faults when you lose concentration?
DAVID GOFFIN: Well, maybe it was because it was new balls. But there's no particular reason.

Q. How are you feeling on the court?
DAVID GOFFIN: Very good. The conditions are perfect. I feel perfect. The clay is perfect here. My feelings on the court are very good.

The temperature is good, not too hot. It's not too humid as it was in Miami. So the conditions are excellent. I feel good here. I hope it's going to continue during the tournament.

Anyway, I'm very happy with the first round.

Q. How do you see your next match?
DAVID GOFFIN: Well, it's going to be a left-handed player, because it's going to be different. He has a good forehand and his two-handed backhand is different. I don't believe he's going to slice or go to the net that much. I think he'll try to serve, putting more effect into the ball.

He's an excellent left-handed player on clay. He's able to beat any player if he plays well. He beat Nadal several times. He can beat the best players. He won his last match 6-0, 6-3. He was impressive.

Q. What are you going to do? What will be your tactics against him?
DAVID GOFFIN: You have to be very careful because when he's able to play his forehand, he plays it everywhere. There's nothing you can do. In that case, you need to defend the best you can.

What I need to do is to give him trouble so he can't play his game, so he can't use his forehand so much. I need to take him out of his comfort zone.

Q. You played him in the Australian Open. You thought it was okay for you, then he sort of caught up.
DAVID GOFFIN: I believe I now have more experience, but I wasn't thinking about that match anyway.

Q. Do you feel you already have reached your normal level here on clay?
DAVID GOFFIN: Well, here is another surface. It's difficult for me to compare with the previous weeks. I believe that I am playing my best tennis right now. But when you change surfaces, tactically it's different, so it's tough to compare.

Anyway, my level of game is good right now.

Q. What impressed you in him?
DAVID GOFFIN: He's very consistent. He can play a long time without giving away a single point. He's always close to the baseline. He returns early. He never makes any errors. He's very impressive. He has everything he needs to have. He can serve very precisely. So he has everything.

But I think, above all, he's mentally very strong. He's able to win matches back-to-back, whatever the conditions. This is impressive, to be able to win many matches in a row since the beginning of the year. He won almost everything except one tournament where he withdrew.

Q. What is your best surface?
DAVID GOFFIN: I don't know. That question was asked of me very often. I don't really know. I'm good on all surfaces. What is good is to change surfaces, not stay always on the same surface. I'm happy now to be back on clay because European tournaments are beautiful tournaments. It's a good period of the year for me.

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