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April 10, 2016

Adam Scott

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Give us a quick summation of the day and how the week was?
ADAM SCOTT: Today was just a continuation of the week, really. I'm a little disappointed with today's round. It started well, but I had about three three‑putts, I think. And kind of from nowhere. And just a bit sloppy. I got to the point somewhere in the round where the reality set in that I'm not going to do anything special and just that intensity dropped and this course bites you, which was a little bit disappointing.
And I'd like to take something out of the week. I'm not sure what it is yet. But I'll be looking for some better form going ahead.

Q. You have good history at this course. Did you do everything in your preparation that you wanted to or will you change anything for Augusta going forward?
ADAM SCOTT: Look, of course, I think maybe now looking back I can change something, because what I did didn't provide the result I was looking for.
But it's fine lines here. I felt I had a tough draw playing late Friday and late Thursday in the wind. I felt I was a little behind the 8‑ball there. I hung in there well for three days. I'm not going to worry too much about today.
But Thursday's round was kind of the killer for me after the slow start on that kind of draw with that wind I was just fighting to stay in there the whole time.

Q. What do you admire the most about Jordan Spieth's game?
ADAM SCOTT: He has very strong willpower. I think it's clear to see when he puts his mind to something he really goes out and does it. He speaks about it, as well, which may or may not add pressure for him. But it's a bit like The TOUR Championship last year, where he missed a couple of cuts in the FedExCup and he decided to treat The TOUR Championship like a major and played like that and won and won the whole deal and kept up this year.
He had kind of a bit of a slow last couple of months and now all of a sudden here he puts his mind to it and does it. And I think that willpower is probably one of his many admirable qualities.

Q. Considering how well you were playing five weeks ago, is there anything you can do to manage those peaks, or is it just one of those things --
ADAM SCOTT: That's one of those things. When you're playing good you've got to go for it. And that's what I did back in Florida. It's hard to maintain that. I was playing exceptionally well. How do you just keep doing that? If I knew we'd all be playing like that all the time. It's one of those things.
Simply for me the slow start on Thursday is what cost me here. If it was even par, which is only four shots, it's not a lot, it's a whole different story, if you stand on the tee at even par Saturday.

Q. Fine line.
ADAM SCOTT: It's very fine lines out here. It doesn't look like it at 11‑over.

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