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April 10, 2016

Davis Love III

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How many is that [holes-in-one] in the TOUR?
DAVIS LOVE III: On the TOUR, maybe five or six. I made a couple others in pro‑ams, but one in the Champions Tour pro‑am last year the day before the Tournament in Iowa.

Q. Do you remember the last one?
DAVIS LOVE III: Last one in competition?

Q. Yeah.
DAVIS LOVE III: Well it was either Hilton Head, I think probably Hilton Head.

Q. Anyway, Webb said you guys heard a big roar in front of you, you were debating on what it might be.
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, we said that's kind of like a hole‑in‑one but it wasn't quite loud enough and I said, well, it was pretty loud. And it was 16 and the chip in shot doesn't work anymore, they kind of took the mound down a little bit, so I was thinking it was a hole in one.
And then when we got down there and heard what a hole‑in‑one roar sounds like we said, wow, that was really loud down here. So I thought we were pretty sure somebody had made one. They don't put it up on the board here, but unbelievable moment.
Webb made eagle ‑‑ we both had eagle putts at 13 and I was thinking we need to get some crystal and then Webb made his putt and then I didn't get a putt at it at 15, so I was kind of disappointed that I spent the whole week here and didn't win anything.
So, it used to be it was actually, for a long hitter, it was kind of easy to get a piece of crystal for an eagle. And I always joked that they were giving away too much crystal, so they backed the tees up. But they don't give away that much. I mean how many eagles have there been this week? Probably not that many.

Q. There haven't been that many birdies.
DAVIS LOVE III: Maybe you should get something for a birdie. I birdied 17, I was just as happy about that as I was the hole in one. Driver, 6‑iron on 17, that's not what I'm used to.
But it was a great way to finish my Masters. I didn't play well on the weekend, the driver kind of ‑‑ driver and putter kind of left me today‑‑ so I was disappointed not to get a run at getting in again next year, but nice way to finish.

Q. How close have you come in that hole in the past?
DAVIS LOVE III: I don't ever remember coming that close. I made some 2s, but I don't think I ever came close to making it.

Q. What club?

Q. Jordan Spieth probably has a decent chance to make your team, are you going to watch him and do you feel like he's spraying his shots a lot but his short game has been phenomenal?
DAVIS LOVE III: His short game's always phenomenal. My son and son‑in‑law rode around with him in the practice round at Kapalua and my son‑in‑law said, he's not driving it that great and my son said, he's going to win the tournament. And he says, why do you say that? Because he's putting good. And sure enough he ran away with it.
Jordan's never been the longest or the straightest, but he's always been the most determined. And I think it's interesting that some of our best players, you think about Tiger, Phil, Jordan, they're not hung up on having to hit the ball right down the middle every hole and not being perfect, they just play the game. And sometimes that's good. I would rather hit more fairways.
But I think that his strength is his head and his chipping and putting. He's always in it because he chips and putts so well.

Q. Where are you in a Ryder Cup preparation six months out or whatever it is?
DAVIS LOVE III: Kerry Haigh just told me after I signed my scorecard that have I to sign the Captain's Agreement. So we're working on that. Order of play off the first two days, whether we're going to play foursomes or four‑balls first is the next, it's not critical decision, but the next thing they want me to decide.
Then I think we're ‑‑ after the Masters, some points shake up and then we can start thinking about who we want to ask to go play practice rounds when it warms up, things like that. But it's just logistics right now is most of it?

Q. Does the venue help your team?
DAVIS LOVE III: I think it does. It's a big, long golf course and we play well on those. Obviously, it's, in most big tournaments, it comes down to chipping and putting, but we have got some guys that know their way around that course, both going on the team and captaining the team, we have a lot of experience. Obviously with Tiger and Jim and Steve and Tom‑‑ Tom's a wealth of knowledge up there.
So I think we're in good shape. We just got to get there and play a little bit, just so everybody knows what they're doing. I don't want them to play, have to get there and play three or four practice rounds after coming off the Olympics and the playoffs and all that. That's the biggest thing. I'm going to be more interested in getting everybody rested and prepared early and then when we get there, we'll be ready to go.

Q. Talked about Jordan Spieth, 22-year- old Bryson DeChambeau, about to turn pro next week in Hilton Head. What's your thoughts on the youngster there?
DAVIS LOVE III: Oh, he's a strong player. He's a lot like Jordan or Rickie. When you see them around the TOUR, he looks like he belongs already, even though he doesn't have a bag with his name on it yet. He really fits in.
He's been fun to be around and talk to and hit balls with. He played a lot against my son, so I watched him, hey, who’s the kid in the funny hat, you know, and now he's kicking our butts. So he's come a long way in the last four or five years I've been watching him. But, obviously, a strong player.
You got to look at him because, like Jordan, Jordan went from no status to on the Presidents Cup team in a year. So, Bryson's starting next week and we'll keep an eye on him and if he stays this hot, he could make some points, too.

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