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April 10, 2016

Louis Oosthuizen

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Well, congratulations are those in order? Or what did you see there on No. 16?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I saw my ball pitch in a good spot to have a chance and then I saw J.B.'s ball and I thought oh there goes the chance of a 1. And then I just really watched the crowd and walking up there I could see one was in there obviously really close and the other one is in. So I was just hoping that it was my ball that was in and not J.B.'s because then neither of us would have a hole‑in‑one, he would have had to move his ball back. But, yeah, it was good, the way I played today, nothing was really happening, so it was nice to do that, to just have a bit of a better day.

Q. You obviously played a ton of golf. Have you ever seen anything like that happen?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I seen it on par‑4s happen, but to do it in that setting on 16, that was brilliant. So, the people really that is the place where you want to make a long putt or chip or do anything. That's a good spot to do it.

Q. What club did you use?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: 7‑iron. It was just a big 7‑iron to get it past the pin on the right so luckily it was, I wasn't in between clubs or anything.

Q. Are you going to buy him a beer or something?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Well, I think that I just said, thanks, man, nothing was going my way today until then.

Q. So this is twice that lightning has struck for you here. To take nothing away from the accomplishment.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I mean, I needed that to get shot up the leaderboard. I know I can play well around this track, I just need to put everything together. But that was really sweet today.

Q. Is there any way to compare the feeling of today, I mean when you made the two that you were like in the heat of it?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: You know, the two probably, the two was a bit more tournament wise I felt a lot more adrenaline probably because all of a sudden I had lead from being two behind. So that was, that was really nice. But today as well, I mean, I literally went from being really down on not having a great day in perfect conditions and then to do that, it's a big lift up.

Q. You were playing so well in Austin a couple weeks ago and then of course The Open Championship really coming so close even this last summer, do you feel like it's only a matter of time before Augusta strikes for Louis?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I hope so. You know, all that you can do is try and get your game really solid going into the week. You are always learning something about this golf course if you don't play well on it or you don't finish well. I've learned loads this morning on a few spots where you should not be. I took a few pins on and it just showed you that you can't do it if you're not hitting the ball really well. So, but not timing wise, not great this morning, but again the golf course can really bite you if you still decide to take it on then.

Q. Did you notice the South Africans were cheering you on and like two or three ‑‑
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, there's a few out there. I've got a bunch, five or six walking with me, so there was a few more that were out there so it was great to see them.

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