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April 9, 2016

Justin Rose

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Conditions as difficult as you've known?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I mean I was just saying that in links golf we play in this type of wind, but the style of golf is very different, whereas this is like an amalgamation of the toughest forms of golf all rolled into one. The premium is target golf, especially the second shots, and you're dealing with three or four yard landing spots out here, if you hit the right shot. And to judge that in this wind is very, very difficult, almost impossible, I suppose, at times. That's the challenge.
But it's the same for everybody. I feel like short game and putting is probably at a premium right now. And that's probably what I just need to go out and sharpen up this afternoon.

Q. You want this wind to blow?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I want it to be what we played in, really. I think that's only fair. But things aren't always fair a hundred percent. But I think I just felt a gust come through, and sometimes that's tricky when it's gusty. If it was a 20 mile an hour constant wind it's an easier job than if it's gusty.
This is not going to be easy. At the end of the day the greens always get a little firmer, a little crustier, a little more spiked up. So they'll have to face that. But what am I? 3‑over? What are the leaders? 3‑under? So what am I, six back? When I look at six back I'm thinking it's kind of frustrating, encouraging to think how much more I've got in the tank this week, going forward, as well. Encouraging, but at the same time I'd love to be a few closer at this point. But I'm certainly not out of it. And I think tomorrow is going to be a day where you can go play this golf course and feel like you can put something special together.

Q. Talking about FocusBand, is that something you use?
JUSTIN ROSE: I definitely train with that, absolutely. It's been a good addition to my game. I've always sort of been technically minded. And I think it's been a great way for me to try and‑‑ it's scientific, which I like about it. It's helped me be a lot more creative on the golf course and more right-brained.

Q. How so?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's about more visualization, and feeling the shot. It's about taking thinking out of it and more reacting and trusting your awareness.

Q. Do you know how many Englishmen are in the field?
JUSTIN ROSE: I don't. I'm guessing six.

Q. Eight. And how many of them made the cut, do you think?
JUSTIN ROSE: Maybe six made it.

Q. Seven made it. Seven out of eight.
JUSTIN ROSE: That's good.

Q. Any obvious reason for that, do you think?
JUSTIN ROSE: No obvious reason. I think that there's been a nice upturn. Chris Wood's game is in good shape. And he's obviously a great young player. And good to see Westie putting a bit of form this week. And obviously Casey has been strong. And Paul has had a good first round. Some of the old guard are doing well. And some of the new guys popping through. That's a nice show.

Q. It's a record. They say it's a record.

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