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April 9, 2016

Kevin Kisner

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How brutal was that wind? Have you seen anything like that?
KEVIN KISNER: It's probably as difficult as the British Open last year, but a golf course that wasn't, that you don't want to play in that much wind. I never been as ready to be done as I am right now and I'm glad I can't make any more bogeys.

Q. What were you and Justin Thomas laughing about on 18 green?
KEVIN KISNER: We had a little side bet on making that putt and I left it short, so we were laughing about that.

Q. Which shot though here, the fan at home couldn't understand or is just insanely difficult?
KEVIN KISNER: Every shot is just guessing and hitting and praying. I never felt comfortable even on wedge shots all day and putts are just brutal. I watched Justin hit a 4‑footer that went 55 feet. I mean you don't see that stuff. It's not supposed to happen.
I mean, I think it's going to calm down some this afternoon, but there in that stretch between like 6 through 12 it was just unbelievable.

Q. What do you take out ‑‑ is there anything you can learn on a day like this?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, you go home and have a beer and sit on the couch and laugh at everybody else.

Q. Is that your plan for the rest of the day?
KEVIN KISNER: That's my plan. Hopefully play the golf course how it's supposed to be played without much wind tomorrow.

Q. Are the greens speed even worse because of the wind?
KEVIN KISNER: No, I think they're about the same as yesterday, just when they get ‑‑ I mean, we had gusts probably 35 miles an hour and you just, there's so much slope in them, you can't do anything with it. If you catch a bad gust while your ball's rolling, you got no chance.

Q. You got those early birdies you were looking for. What was it like for the first six holes out there?
KEVIN KISNER: It felt easy for a minute and then I woke up. I mean, I don't even know if I played poorly, to tell you the truth. I hit the ball fine, I putted fine, I just ‑‑ you're going to make bogeys and I made a couple stupid ones, but, I mean, 4‑over is not horrible in those conditions.

Q. Can you talk about the second shot at 13 and then your recovery there?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I tried to hold it off that side of the hill and who knows what the wind was doing, I thought it was blowing off the right and it just hung down the creek and hit the rocks down in there and came back out. But then you're not in a great position to that pin either, because you can't go past that pin, so I was pretty much playing for par from there.

Q. Can you talk just generally about the crowd support again today for you?
KEVIN KISNER: It's been great. I wish I could play better and get into contention so they could have something more fun to watch than first off. But it's just hard. I'm learning every day and trying to write notes down for next year.

Q. On 16 there, the chip shot, did you, what was your plan going into that shot?
KEVIN KISNER: I wasn't real sure. It was right by the bunker and there was a ton of sand outside the bunker that I was sitting on. So, difficult to catch it clean. It was basically two bunker shots in a row. But I wasn't going to hit it as a bunker shot, no telling where it would go there, I was trying to just pitch it over the bunker and it didn't cover it. So it's a hell of a four.

Q. Did you have any inkling if you were hitting the ball well today or was it just ‑‑
KEVIN KISNER: All you can do ‑‑ like 17 I hit a great shot and it was 30 yards short. I mean with a 9‑iron. I don't think any TOUR pro in the world could do that. Just a total guess. You just pick your numbers and try to hit your shots and pray that it's right.

Q. What's it going to be like to wake up and play at Augusta on Sunday?
KEVIN KISNER: It's going to be awesome. Hopefully, you know, the wind dies down and I'll have a little easier setup and we can go shoot something low and have some fun.

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