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April 8, 2016

Adam Scott

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Wonderful finish. That makes dinner taste nice?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I'm just happy to be here for the weekend. I just fought all day. It was so difficult out there. I thought I played the last nine, 10, 11 holes better than I had been. But it's just not easy to make that many birdies. The greens are really crusty and firm.

Q. You've been out there for the best part of five and a half hours, the powers of concentration needed to get around a golf course like this must be just incredible.
ADAM SCOTT: It's a slow day because everyone's just in such difficult spots all the time. Unless you take ridiculous risk all you do is put yourself in spots that require so much attention all the time and for it to kind of process what's going to happen with your next one coming back.

Q. You saw the breezes, you knew you were the last group off and you must be thinking, well, I'm going to have to play very well to stay in this.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I had my work cut out for me just to be here for the weekend today and at times it wasn't looking good, but like I said, I played a better back nine. It's very difficult on conditions like this when you're not fully in control to actually turn it around in your favor. So I'm happy that I ground it out. I birdied the last and that's good, hopefully a good sign for the weekend.

Q. Does that change the mindset at all?
ADAM SCOTT: Well it's good. I'm here, it's possible to cut it in half, you saw how hard it played today, 71 was the best score out there. If it's anything like that tomorrow, if you can have a great round and shoot 69 or something, it's possible to cut that by half and that's what I need to do tomorrow to have a better chance.

Q. Finally, you're playing well enough, do you think, to make up that ground?
ADAM SCOTT: I'll have to play better tomorrow, that's for sure.

Q. Another tough day out there. Was it harder today than yesterday?
ADAM SCOTT: I guess by the scoring, yes, but I've made it look all pretty tough this week. I've not been on point, really tee to green. The last nine holes I played today was better, but until then, I was scrambling the whole first 27 holes.

Q. Saying that, as a player, you're just trying to find something, so did you find something for those last nine or 10 because your distance control with your irons was a lot better on that last nine.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it felt a little better. I don't know if nine holes in the wind is going to groove it for the weekend, I'm going to have to have a good warm‑up tomorrow morning before my round and really feel good and completely in control. And I'm going to need to be to kind of close the gap a bit and even think I've got a chance of winning this, because the greens are so firm and testy now that you're going to have to be in complete control.

Q. Can we say a 64 is out there? But the putting is good. That looks pretty solid.
ADAM SCOTT: The putting's good, I've just got to give myself a chance to make something. I had a few early on the front nine today and they slid by, but the greens are very tricky at the moment. They're at that point where you don't want to leave yourself five footers coming back, so you're defensive on almost all putts. And it makes it tough, but I've got nothing to lose this weekend. If I can find it with the swing a bit I think I've got a bit of momentum happening on the course. That's what I've lacked for two days.

Q. The course was really fast, faster than yesterday. You finished at even. Can you assess your play?
ADAM SCOTT: It was better today. It was very tough conditions. Probably tougher than yesterday. The greens have got dry and firm and it's hard to control the golf ball out there. I'm happy to be here for the weekend. If I can have a good day tomorrow ‑‑ well, I must have a good day tomorrow to even think I might have a chance to win this week.

Q. You only have four holes difference and you're still in a great place to win it all, so can you tell us what would you like to do tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I'm going to be up early, so hopefully that is an advantage and maybe I can shoot a score like 67 or something like that, get back to even par or maybe even under par. And we have seen how tough it's playing. It's going to be tough for the leaders. This is the weekend at the Masters, that's a lot of pressure to deal with. And already the course is playing tough and everyone came backwards today, mostly. So, if I can close the gap by four shots tomorrow, if I'm teeing off four behind on Sunday, I might have a chance.

Q. You got a 64 in you before the wind tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't think I need to be that ambitious. I think if anything in the 60s tomorrow would put me in good shape. I think that it's shaping up ‑‑ if it is windy tomorrow, it's shaping up like a couple under is going to be around the mark Sunday. Maybe five, something like that. You can see how hard it's playing. 71 was the best score today. It's meant to be as windy tomorrow is it?

Q. (No Microphone.)
ADAM SCOTT: When I walked on the 12th tee, the first tee, every tee, it's been a really challenging couple days out there. It was pretty windy on the range, but I was kind of hoping for that wind to drop late and it just didn't really do it. So I'm pleased with my back nine, really, I mean it was a good solid nine that set me here for the weekend and I can stand here and say if, that and everything happens, I might have a chance on Sunday.

Q. Realistically how close do you think you need to be going into Sunday given it's supposed to clear Sunday and give us a chance of low once again on Sunday?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, four. If you're four back starting, anything can happen. It just depends how many players are in between you. There will probably be a lot if I am four back. But you just never know. I don't know if we're going to see that low anymore this week, because the greens are now at a point that they're so firm and challenging. But unless they really water them hard, I don't see low out there even in good conditions.

Q. On the 12th you seemed to use your experience a bit there with the wind, you seemed to be ‑‑
ADAM SCOTT: Well, we were out there for five and a half hours anyway, I thought if I could wait up to 10 minutes, there, it wouldn't really make a difference. So I just stood there. And so some wind dropped ‑‑ because when Kevin hit it felt like almost nothing and then it was just starting to do what it normally does, to swirl and go three different directions in 35 seconds. And you just have to wait. And then you know that was a key shot for me. It was really key. Birdies have been tough for me to find. And I end up hitting it close there. If I made one there and made a bogey or hit it in the water, I mean I would probably be going home.

Q. What did you hit?
ADAM SCOTT: 9‑iron.

Q. (No Microphone.)
ADAM SCOTT: My tee shot? Just in the rough.

Q. (No Microphone.)
ADAM SCOTT: No, no, it was just in the rough on the edge. So it was fine.

Q. Were you aware of the moving cut line?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I mean here it's a 10 shot rule, so it's pretty easy. Once I saw Jordan at four, I knew six was the number.

Q. (No Microphone.)
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, but I was at five then, maybe, and then birdied 15 and I was pretty safe. But then of course I had to bogey 17 to just stress me a little bit on 18. And it's such a hard tee shot, left‑to‑right, coming through the chute you have to hit something good, so I wasn't anxious to do that but it was a bit of a bonus to finish with a birdie.

Q. (No Microphone.)
ADAM SCOTT: A pitching wedge.

Q. (No Microphone.)
ADAM SCOTT: It just pitched too far, really. I mean, it was just a misjudgment, unfortunately. I know that green's firm, or it gets firmer than most, but until you get up there, you just don't know if you pitch it near the front and it's not that firm, then you look kind of silly, too. So, you just got to do the best you can.

Q. You mentioned Bay Hill and then referring to No. 13 as being one of your favorite holes on this course. Knowing that you're chasing now, does it help at least from the sentimental perspective and from an aggressive perspective, to know that you've got opportunities late at this course?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, anything can happen on the back nine here, really. You've just got to survive a couple tough tests. 10, 11 and 12, 12 can be an opportunity as well as a disaster. But then 13 and 14 and 15, 16, all good chances, depending upon where pins are even 17 and 18. You know, something special can happen around there. We have seen it all the time. But you just got to really be on point around here.

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