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April 8, 2016

Cameron Smith

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Shaking hands with your caddie on the 18th there. 3‑over, that's a nice spot to be in. Make the cut.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah. I mean, it was good, it was a bit of a grind out there again today. So to get in with 3‑over was pretty good.

Q. It looks like it will be enough so you'll be around here for the weekend. Obviously that's one hurdle to get past. Are you happy with that?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, absolutely. That's sort of the first thing you got to get rid of really, isn't it, and then the next one is obviously doing well on the weekend. I feel like the game's there and I just need a few more putts to drop, I think, and I will climb my way up the leaderboard.

Q. You have no idea how far that leaderboard will be, but you'll probably have the luxury of coming out before, hopefully, the stronger winds again tomorrow. Maybe just put something up and see what happens, right?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I think that I need to get off to a better start tomorrow. I got to have to a bit of a slow start again today. It's just so tough to make birdies. Once you're sort of over par there, it's tough to get your way back.

Q. What happened on the 6th there? It's a really difficult pin on the right shelf there. What did you do?
CAMERON SMITH: Actually hit a good shot in and it rolled all the way back down. And then I didn't hit the best chip shot I've ever hit and sort of caught the left ‑‑ it wasn't short, it caught the left and then I left my, I think, my third putt and it rolled back to my feet. And I hit my fourth putt up to a tap‑in. It was a good five, I guess in the end.

Q. Your third putt how far did it go before rolling off?
CAMERON SMITH: Probably 40 or 50 feet.

Q. What's been the strength of your game the first two days and what sort of surprised you if anything about the course in the competition mode?
CAMERON SMITH: Not much, not too many surprises, really, I mean, we prepared a few weeks ago and it was pretty similar to how it is now. I've driven the ball really well and wedged it really good, just need to feel ‑‑ I feel like I'm putting good as well, I just need some to go in.

Q. In the greater scheme of things, too, in this season it's good obviously to get to a weekend and start pushing up for higher results.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I got off to a bit of a slow start this season, so hopefully we can ‑‑ last week was okay, I mean, hopefully, we can keep going forward from here.

Q. Birdies on the holes you had your birdies on? What were they, can you talk us through those?
CAMERON SMITH: I had a birdie on 3. Hit driver off the tee today. Yesterday I hit 3‑iron. So down there a little bit further and wedged it close.
I can't even remember. I've forgotten already.

Q. 14.
CAMERON SMITH: 14. There you go. 14, I made a good birdie there. I think there won't be too many birdies there today. It's a bit of a nasty one.

Q. Did you hear your personal support out there?
CAMERON SMITH: The crowd was still okay, but I could definitely hear the family a little bit more today. That was nice. I would like to think they enjoyed it. So hopefully I'll have another couple of good days.

Q. What's the words we're hearing from your family and things like that?
CAMERON SMITH: (No Microphone.)

Q. Have you bought out the merchandise tent this week?
CAMERON SMITH: I bought a few things. This is my first time here. So you need to get it all out of the way. Yeah, a little bit. Not too much.

Q. Anyone back home asking for stuff?

Q. What have you bought? Flags and stuff?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, a few flags, shirts for the family, a dog bowl for my little puppy. And a lead.

Q. What's the name?
CAMERON SMITH: Kendrick. Like the rapper Kendrick Lamar. (No Microphone.)

Q. What iron did you use on 6?

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