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April 8, 2016

Chris Wood

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Talk about your day.
CHRIS WOOD: Similar to yesterday, really. But a frustrating one where I dropped two shots with wedges in my hand on the back nine. When you play holes like 10 and 11 and you go in with low irons, and they're two of the toughest holes, and I make par and I drop shots with wedges in my hand, those are the holes you need to take advantage of, and that was really frustrating.
I was pretty content with my score, sitting in the middle of the 17th fairway, thinking I might have a chance the next two holes. And then to fat a wedge on to the front of 17 and three‑putt is a real disappointment.

Q. (Inaudible.)
CHRIS WOOD: Great to birdie the last. But I hit one to four foot yesterday and hardly heard a noise. And today I hit quite a good shot in there as well and didn't hear much. It was a big relief to see it 20 feet pin‑high.

Q. (Inaudible.)
CHRIS WOOD: I don't know. It's everyone but me, I think. But, yeah, it's amazing out there, really. I've got a few mates here this week, and they're asking me what it's like. And I said until you get there, guys, you can't describe it. It's such a special place.

Q. Are they enjoying the week?
CHRIS WOOD: Them? They are. One or two stories that I can't reveal, which goes to show they're enjoying the week very much.

Q. You're in a good position.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah. My target minimum really was to finish top 15, that was minimum, really. I think I'm in a good position for that, but I'll reset tonight and maybe aim a little bit higher.

Q. Sounds like you're playing it down too much.
CHRIS WOOD: That's me, I suppose. Yeah, a top 10 would be a great, great week, really. And only my second Masters.
I played nine holes with Justin Rose on Wednesday morning and his caddie said to me, I like your game for around here. You'll do well around here. That gave me confidence from someone like Rose who has been here eight, nine, ten, 11 times. So the more I can learn and feed off players and caddies like that the more it will help me.

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