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April 8, 2016

Kiradech Aphibarnat

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Well, I'm sorry, didn't see what your final score was. Did you finish even?

Q. How do you feel about the two days here at even par? First trip here.
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Well, I was happy with the way I finished, but today I made the cut in here and it's been a tough golf course. If you've never been here you can't imagine how tough it is. The greens with the slope and the wind picking up. Even par first round is good.

Q. You're not the first golfer from Thailand to play here but how big is the interest back home for you and Thongchai also, a lot of interest in what you're doing here?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Well it's really important for us, I think, a lot of fans will be watching right now. It's 12 hours different and it will be like 1 or 2 in the morning and I'm sure that maybe most of the golfers will keep awake and be watching us. I'm just trying to play well for them and make the golf more fun the next two rounds.

Q. A number of lady players qualified for the LPGA Tour this past year. Golf seems to be on the move in your country.
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: It is. I think we're improving a lot. Even the ladies TOUR or the men's TOUR, we got a couple of players in the LPGA and we have got a couple more in the top 100 in the world, I believe. The new generation will all keep working hard and come up to the big TOUR.

Q. With the Olympics coming up, how much is that on your mind?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Well, it's the biggest event. I just talked with Thongchai that I haven't had a Thai flag in the chest for a couple years. So I'm quite excited to be part of the Olympics. I've been watching the other sports and all the people that get the medals from Thailand and I'll just try to play my best golf and hopefully any medal would be a big surprise for us.

Q. Just you and Thongchai?

Q. Unless something crazy happens. You mentioned the difficulty of this course. It's a tougher walk than people think with the slopes and hills.
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Yeah, if you haven't had a chance to be here you can't imagine how the golf course is hilly, the greens are tough, anything can happen, just every second you can make a 3‑putt or 4‑putt. You saw what Ernie Els did yesterday, you see a lot of players make a lot of big numbers here. It's so tough.

Q. Did you play one or more practice rounds with Thongchai?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: I just played one round with Thongchai, but I spent a couple more in here.

Q. A couple more rounds?

Q. Okay.
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Like four or five in here.

Q. Did he offer you a lot of advice before you even got here about what to expect?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Well, of course Thongchai gave me a couple tricks that did help a lot on the golf course. There's many top players that have been telling me like Bill Haas, I practiced with him on Monday and you can't imagine how nice he is. He tried to give me all the information about the golf course. I'm just a small player, you know, but he just walked in and said, can he join me. Well, that surprised me a bit and after I played eight holes with him and got all the information that he gave me, it's fantastic.

Q. Who was that?

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