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April 8, 2016

Larry Mize

Augusta, Georgia

Q. 73 on a day like this when you look at the best players in the world.
LARRY MIZE: Yeah, it's a good round. I'm amazed, because I really am struggling, but my mental game is really good and my short game's really good, so that's getting me around.

Q. Talk about the possibility of making the cut. Right now it looks like you're in.
LARRY MIZE: Yeah, you never know. I've thought I made the cut and ended up missing by one. So I'm just going to, I'm going it ‑‑ hey, you know what, I've done all I can do. I played as hard as I could play and I'm proud of my effort. I'm not proud of my score, but I'm proud of my effort, because, I mean, I didn't have a, I just am proud of my effort.

Q. Talk about the birdie a little bit. Take me through that hole.
LARRY MIZE: Yeah, 15's playing really hard. You got the wind gusting ‑‑ and that third shot's always a hard shot ‑‑ and with that wind gusting in your face it's even harder. I kind of hung a 9‑iron, but I had it pin high right and from there, pin high right, you're just kind of lagging it down there, because it's a very fast putt. And thank goodness the left side of the hole grabbed it and it barely went in.
So that was nice to get a birdie. I only made two birdies in two days, and so that's not what you need. You need more birdies around here. So, but I've been able to minimize the bogeys and that's been the key.

Q. You played a ton of golf around here, how tough is today compared to what you've seen in the past?
LARRY MIZE: Well, there have been many days like today. This is not unusual in my 33 years now playing in this wonderful tournament. This is not unusual. But days like today, that's when the teeth are bared on this golf course. When the wind kicks up, it just makes everything – club selection, putting, chipping – everything is so difficult. But we have had many days like this before.

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