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April 8, 2016

Paul Chaplet

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Kind of sum up this week. When you look back on this tomorrow or a week from now or 10 years from now, what are you going to, how are you going to sum up this moment for you?
PAUL CHAPLET: Well, it's the first time and there's a first time for everything, so I never thought I could do great here, I could, obviously, obviously, you try to do your best, but it's just so tough out there and all the guys who watch it on TV, they go, yeah, it looks easy, and it's not, it's definitely not, it's a lot harder than it looks. So definitely a good learning experience to see how they play the golf course, I mean the PGA TOUR guys, because it's pretty impressive to see how hard it is and how well they play it. I guess that was the biggest experience.

Q. How nervous were you on that first tee yesterday and was it almost the same feeling this morning and did those nerves go away at all during those rounds?
PAUL CHAPLET: I was probably more nervous on the holes where I wasn't playing well. The first tee was, it wasn't that nerve wracking, really. I think the most nerve wracking moments are those like when you're in a bunker or a tough situation and you got people watching and they're surrounding you for that, I guess those are kind of the moments where it's a little tougher.

Q. Did you stay in the Crow's Nest at all this week?
PAUL CHAPLET: I did. I stayed one night and, unfortunately, I slept pretty bad, so I decided not to sleep there again.

Q. Which night was it?
PAUL CHAPLET: Monday night.

Q. Was that the same night that Bryson stayed in there, too?

Q. So it was Bryson and who else, I know Sammy Schmitz didn't stay there, Derek Bard was in there the night before?
PAUL CHAPLET: It was Bryson, Cheng Jin and Romain Langasque.

Q. Four of you guys. Any snoring going on at all in there?
PAUL CHAPLET: No, no, we had, it was pretty peaceful up there.

Q. You're obviously not going to play the weekend, but are you going to stick around through Sunday and take it all in?
PAUL CHAPLET: Yeah, I'll see if I can just go watch some of the good golf and learn more than what I've already learned.

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