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April 8, 2016

Shane Lowry

Augusta, Georgia

Q. A lot of guys coming off maybe not happy with their score. With how tough the conditions are, were you able to remain positive and know you're still in the mix?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I'm kind of trying to. I'm trying to look at it hopeful. A lot of people would have taken this on Wednesday night. I'm pretty happy at level par. Shooting 76 today is not great. I fought really hard today, didn't do myself any favors with starting out bogeying the second hole. Especially where the pin is today, it's a decent chance for birdie.
But like I said, I'm pretty happy where I'm sitting now. I don't think the leaders are going to go too far away. Hopefully I can go out and do something half decent tomorrow and give myself half a chance on Sunday.

Q. I know Amen Corner has been tough on you guys the last couple of days. How hard is Amen Corner?
SHANE LOWRY: It's brutal. 11 is brutal. And for a short hole 12 is just such a tough tee shot. I tried to hit my 9‑iron too hard, and tried to keep it down too much, but that's just the way it is. I didn't beat myself up too much. I got a birdie on the next, I gave myself a chance on 16. And didn't really come in, bogeyed the last, which was a bit disappointing.
Like I said, but level par total is lying inside the top 10 now and is not going to get any worse.

Q. When the course is playing so difficult, is it more difficult mentally or physically?
SHANE LOWRY: A bit of both. I'm sure I'll be tired tonight. You need to rest up. Majors are like that. The golf course will never play easy. Every shot you have means an awful lot.
It's mentally very tough.

Q. What's the toughest part of all of this, whether it's the commitment to the shot or‑‑
SHANE LOWRY: I think putting is very tough in this one, especially on quick greens. And then the changing wind direction, it's almost impossible. We played the tee shot into the wind. And the second shot should have been in, as well, and it gusted about half a club downwind, it went to the back of the green and three‑putted. But those are the breaks you get around here, especially. And you just have to take them on the chin and try and bounce back and come out better tomorrow.

Q. Do you expect it will be a bit more windy tomorrow.
SHANE LOWRY: I just hope they put some water on the greens this evening.
It's just the same, just going to get up on my tee shot on the first and go after it after it from there and see what happens.

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