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April 8, 2016

Sammy Schmitz

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Pretty good day. How did you feel about today, and how did you feel about the tournament?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: I felt pretty good about today, overall. Didn't get in too much trouble out there. There was a little less wind, but it was cold, the ball wasn't going as far in the morning. Made a bogey on 1.
  I feel good about the day overall. Struck it pretty well for the most part, putted pretty well and really focused on having a lot of fun out there. Shooting 81 the first day, I was trying to have a lot of fun, looking around as much as I could. I'm pretty happy with what the outcome was today.

Q. Will you look back on this week, a month from now, a year from now, ten years from now, what's the thing that's going to stick out the most?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: I don't know if I'm at that stage, but just being around the best players in the world, the best atmosphere in the world. One of the hardest golf courses I’ve ever played. It's fun to be a part of it. Everyone was so interested in how I was playing, and just the story. I had a lot of support out here. It was a lot of fun playing with that support. I think all of that is what I'll remember.

Q. How are you going to go back playing amateur?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: I have no idea how I'm going to go back. I don't know. This was a lot of fun. It might feel a little boring. We'll see, though.

Q. Do you have to return to work on Monday?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: Yeah, I do. I work next week. And then we have the Concession Cup the week after, which is a super exciting event, kind of like the Walker Cup. Mid‑amateurs. Concession Club, fabulous golf course, really looking forward to that. It's going to be really fun.

Q. Not a lot of people play the Masters to get ready for another tournament?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: Yeah, I think I made more of the Concussion to get ready for here. Yeah, it was a good place to work on your game.

Q. When did this seem realistic or that you could possibly qualify for this? When you said, you know what, I might do this?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: When I got to the top eight I thought I could win the tournament at the U.S. Mid, but I didn't think about the Masters. Unfortunately for me at two in the morning the night before the championship I started thinking about it a little bit and woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, which isn't really a good idea for a 36-hole match. I couldn't help it, I started thinking about it. At that point you start thinking I have a 50/50 shot, I could do this. But then in the morning it was really all business trying to win the match. You really savor the U.S. Mid‑Amateur.

Q. I met a bunch of your family, friends out there, seems like half of Minnesota out here. How awesome is that?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: It's fun. The weird thing is I keep finding new people that I didn't know were here.

Q. Your barber?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: Yeah, pretty much. But, yeah, it's fun and I really appreciate the support. We've had a lot of fun off‑site. We got a house and we've just been hanging out and enjoying the evenings and really just spending a lot of time with each other, it's been a lot of fun.

Q. The chip on 18, was that just perfect?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: Yeah, we thought it would be destiny if I holed out from the fairway. After I pulled it left, destiny was chipping in. And thankfully that was a good shot, as long as you don't miss it right or leave it high. It's very doable. The only thing is if it comes down on the other side of the hole. If you get it perfect, though, you can get it going. I was pretty comfortable over the ball on that one.

Q. Have you done a little shopping in the merchandise tent?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: I've been shopping for about six months, five months. I came here December 5th with my dad and did a little shopping. Obviously we're here now and I'll leave here with memorabilia, whatever I can get my hands on.

Q. When you told your boss you were going to have to miss a week because you were playing in the Masters, what did they say?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: Congrats and where's my ticket?

Q. Did he come?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: Yeah, I think my boss came and his boss came. We have a lot of people here.

Q. Does he have to be back to work?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: I think he's been working all week. He came down Monday, Tuesday and then went back to work after that.

Q. Someone told me that you bought some new shoes yesterday. Do you save them, do you frame them?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: I don't know. I don't know. I didn't wear that pair of shoes today, I guess they're probably still in there.

Q. Did you talk to Boomer last night?
SAMMY SCHMITZ: Yeah, I did. He gave me words of encouragement. He's had 81, 71 or vice versa out here. So he called and just gave some words of encouragement. It was nice to hear from him. He's a major champion and always will be. A good guy.

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