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April 7, 2016

Justin Thomas

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Tough day out there it seems like. How did the conditions affect everything?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was really hard. It's a really hard golf course to score when it's like this. But it doesn't matter what course you play, it makes it pretty bad when you have the swirlies like this.

Q. You said that you thought you'd be nervous, you hoped you would get over that first hump and get out and settle down. How long did it take you?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It didn't take as long as I thought. I was nervous on the first tee, but after that I was really very comfortable. I made a great par on 1 and just went at it today.

Q. You had a nice cut there at No. 1, a little right-to-left shot.
JUSTIN THOMAS: I did what I needed to do that I didn't do on some other holes today. I put it short-right of the green, which is where you've got to miss. Had an easy chip up there and made the putt and that was big. It just calmed everything and got me started.

Q. How did today compare to the practice round?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's hard. Anytime it blows 20, 25 miles an hour at any course it makes it a lot harder. But it's just a major, and you have to play well to‑‑ you really have to play well and have control of your ball to shoot a good number.

Q. What happened on No.7?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a bad shot. Pretty terrible.

Q. Do you have a different game plan for tomorrow?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No, just have to hit it a lot better, I just have to play better. I have a proper game plan, I just couldn't really execute it because of my own game. If I do what I should on those par‑5s on the back nine, I could still shoot an even par with still not hitting it that well.
I could have shot an 80 pretty easily today as crazy as it is. I've just got to get it together and try to put up a good one tomorrow.

Q. On mistakes today, how much do you blame on decision or execution?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was just a terrible golf swing on 13. I had 183 yards to the fairway and hit it in the water there.
7 is just a bad swing. It's mostly just execution.
I would say mental on 15. It doesn't matter how bad a shot it is, you can make five from over the green, you can't make five from the water there. And I was lucky to get away with a 6 there.
Yeah, I just didn't have it, I really didn't.

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