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April 1, 2016

Will MacKenzie

Humble, Texas

Q. So coming off 8th place finish in Puerto Rico, what's going right for you this couple weeks?
WILL MACKENZIE: Putting well. It's probably the biggest thing. I control the ball pretty well down there. I do like the wind. I live in South Florida, so I'm used to it. So, you know, the first day I played pretty well but didn't score very well here, and 23 under was like even par yesterday. But then, you know, it's a totally different animal out there right now. It's playing a lot tougher, and as the day wears on, it kind of wears you out. So, fortunately I got on a little run, made some birdies coming in, and, you know, being 7-under, if it stayed like it was yesterday, I'd be in 60th place, 50th place. But, you know, the weather changed it.

Q. Talk about that birdie run you had on the back.
WILL MACKENZIE: Yeah. It was huge. I was hitting it like I did yesterday, 30 feet and you can't really make them. Even these greens are absolutely perfect, still tough to make them from 30 feet. Then I stuffed a few, I stuffed two in a row, made the putts, made like a good 10-to-12 footer and just felt great after that. And kind of struggled coming in, but, you know, I had an opportunity on 16 that I really wanted to make for the crowd. It's always fun. But, you know, hit two good ones on 17, kind of butchered my chip on 17, but got up-and-down fortunately, and then 18 is tough to hit it to the right pin. I had 6-iron in and I always -- I was just trying to make 4. That's what I do, so I'm happy.

Q. Really impressive. Clean card so far in very tough conditions. Talk a little bit about how the weather has changed and playing on the golf course at different times.
WILL MACKENZIE: Yup. It's softer.

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