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April 1, 2016

Charley Hoffman

Humble, Texas

Q. Charley, pretty hot late yesterday afternoon. Did you look at the weather to find out what the forecast was, because I was shocked when I woke up this morning?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I didn't see much rain. I was in sort of shock it rained as much as it did this morning and then obviously a little delay this afternoon or in midmorning.

Q. Did it change anything? Was the ball going a little shorter this morning than it was yesterday afternoon?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Little shorter and the driving areas aren't as big. Some of those places you don't think are in play when it's blowing toward you.

Q. The ball striking wasn't much different. You hit a lot of good shots and converted some good birdie putts.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I was telling Nick Skye the wind was blowing my ball. Hit some good putts and lines. Played the wind, didn't break and vice versa. It's tough to putt in the wind. It's actually harder to make the 10, 12-footers.

Q. It's tough when you got to factor wind into a putt.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Exactly. I had a nice easy one on 17 straight downwind, which you know it's not going to blow too much on that one.

Q. Probably the golf course played as easy as it can play yesterday afternoon and probably as tough as it's going to play, because the forecast for the weekend is going to be nice.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The staff did a nice job of moving some tees up. You'll see some decent scores and hopefully get some on the weekend.

Q. Except for the last hole, how did the round go for you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The last hole is a tough hole. Moved the tee up. Still big water hazard to the left and wind blowing in off the right. Didn't hit my best in the bunker, had a fairly straightforward bunker shot, caught a little heavy out there. Gave myself a chance for par on 18. With these conditions, if you have an inside 10 feet for par, you're doing a pretty good job.

Q. How windy is it out on the course?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's pretty windy. It's not unplayable. Obviously there's been wind stoppage out here before. It's not that level. The greens are receptive and you'll see some guys shoot some fairly good scores I think out there today.

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