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March 31, 2016

Gael Monfils

Miami, Florida


4-6, 6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Talk a little bit about how you were feeling out there in the third set physically and how hot it was and how you felt.
GAEL MONFILS: Well, I felt good. I think I have a good start because I hold my serve. After the interruption, you know, it's never easy, and that was great.

Then I think he had a good game to broke me, and I think I had to raise a bit my level to keep my serve at 1-3.

Then I think at 3-4 I really raise my level. I think I start to be very aggressive, start to go for it, and still had the strong feeling that I can make it.

At the end, I think I push very hard. Then definitely I have opportunity it close it out, but actually Kei played strong. He fought well.

Actually, I think in the breaker he was just better than me.

Q. Third set you came back very strong when you were 2-4. Could you talk about that moment? Maybe you got your momentum and then you hold four match points, which you couldn't make it.
GAEL MONFILS: Well, you know, at 3-4 it's a different way. You know, I start to -- maybe I go a bit more for my shots. You know, again, try to be very aggressive on the serve, what I did during all match.

Then I guess I didn't let him times at all to breathe a little bit, so I was very on him. He missed a few shots. But when you have the opportunity to step on the opponent that you do, and that's what I did.

Q. As the match is progressing and towards the latter stages of the third set, it looked like you were grabbing your left knee. Was there a problem?
GAEL MONFILS: No, my knee is fine. I think it was a little bit hot, and you know, I think it was great (indiscernible) out there. A little bit I like to bend a little bit over to get my breathe back.

But I was fine.

Q. Emotionally are you more discouraged with the loss or are you encourage with the fact that you played so well?
GAEL MONFILS: Well, you know, it's never easy to talk about a match like that, but actually I feel that I'm in the right direction. I still have the strong belief that I'm not far from those guys.

Q. How do you feel about the way you played the match points when you play them back in your head?
GAEL MONFILS: Well, the first one is a good serve for me wide. Then the second one I step in, second serve. I go aggressive wide and I miss maybe 30 or 40 centimeters. But (indiscernible) to play this one because I was aggressive.

Then the third one; second serve. I didn't go for it so much. I go in between, and then he had a very good forehand behind me.

Then I think the last one is the one I thought I had in, you know, the dropshot. I think I run pretty fast and I very low cross and I had a good stretch. I think actually this one was the closest one I had.

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