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March 26, 2016

Andy Murray

Miami, Florida

A. MURRAY/D. Istomin

6-3, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Pretty clinical in the first set. Maybe a little up and down in the second, but got the job done.
ANDY MURRAY: (Indiscernible.) ...was trying to play the same way and started to make a few more mistakes. Then when you aren't playing high-percentage tennis and then the scoreline is closer, you're behind in the score, it makes thing tighter.

When you're break points down and trying dropshots or going for big shots from the wrong position, you know, it makes it tough. But I was hitting the ball clean. Just shot selection tonight could have been better, I think.

Q. Could you talk us through the great ball mystery, please?
ANDY MURRAY: It was just a women's ball. I saw it just before I was about to serve. It's quite off putting because I just missed two balls long. I didn't know if that was one of the balls I used in the last couple points. The women's balls are very different to the men's balls. They're much quicker, smaller, livelier.

Yeah, when you're just about to serve at break point down, you know, you don't want to be using a completely different ball.

So I was just a bit frustrated with that because I didn't know potentially if on of the points before I had used it or not.

Q. How did you find out it was a different ball? Did you hit it and think, Oh, that felt light?
ANDY MURRAY: No. Just as I was about to serve, the Penn logo is in red I think on the women's ball and on the men's ball it's in black.

So, yeah, just saw it as I was about to bounce the ball and realized this isn't...

Q. What did Mohamed say back to you?
ANDY MURRAY: I was just a bit -- I felt like he should have said something to the crowd, because it looked like I was stalling intentionally.

Q. We didn't have a clue, really.
ANDY MURRAY: I said to him, Say to the crowd, because I look like I'm complaining for nothing just now, and I've got the wrong ball that I'm about to serve with at break point.

Yeah, he obviously didn't say anything. It's not his fault. He can't see if it's a women's ball or not. But for the player, it's obviously difficult.

Q. Where did this rouge ball come from? Was it in a flower bed...
ANDY MURRAY: A what? Sorry.

Q. Was it in a flower bed?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I don't know. Possibility. I only saw it when it was in my hand. Possibly. Obviously throughout the day a bunch of balls end up in in the flower beds. Yeah, could have easily come from there.

Q. Now that you're a father, congratulations.

Q. Did you feel it's affected you emotionally on the court? If so, how?
ANDY MURRAY: Not yet so much. I think obviously away from the court it changes things. You know, it does, at the end of the matches I think gives you a different perspective regardless of the result.

There is something more important in your life now. So whether you win or lose, you know, it's not irrelevant to me, but just not as important as it was before. I think it can help. Maybe a little bit less stressful than before for me.

Yeah, it's not changed too much on the court.

Q. If you could talk about playing Grigor in the next round.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it'll be a tough one. He's obviously a top-quality player. He had a good win today, a tough win, against Delbonis.

We played here once before; I managed to win that one. I played a bunch of tough matches against him. I think the last one was in Cincinnati where he had a match point. Had a bunch of chances to win that one and I managed to turn it around.

I know I'll need to play good tennis to beat him. You know, also be a little bit more disciplined than I was tonight.

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