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March 26, 2016

Brittany Lang

Carlsbad, California

Q. Take me through what was really working well.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I played good. A lot of up-and-downs on the back nine, which I don't like doing that. But wasn't quite as sharp on the back nine. I don't know if I got a little tired or a little out of what I was doing, but played a great front nine.

Still played really solid. Just wasn't quite firing on all cylinders like I was for awhile. But to come out with 2-under and still be right there, I'm very happy and excited for tomorrow.

Q. Do you like actually being in that position, not being in the lead but being that close to chasing for a final day?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I would -- because I've been in this spot before. I would have liked to finish up the back nine a little better and finish a little closer to the lead. I just keep learning.

I'm still excited because I'm playing really well. I think today, I don't know, the back nine was not my best and I wasn't very pleased with that, so I'm going to try to be a little bit sharper tomorrow. I think I'm in a good position. Hopefully Lydia doesn't birdie 18 and get too far ahead of us, but I think I'm in a good spot.

Q. You were talking earlier in the week about finishing rounds. What was it out there, you feel like you weren't doing?
BRITTANY LANG: The greens are extremely bumpy. ^ I was lucky to roll that one in on 13 and then hit a great shot. I wasn't really keeping my putts high enough today, not breaking towards, because they have a lot of break. You've got to keep your putts high out here to make them, and I just didn't have the pace and I wasn't.

But I think it was a little bit of everything. Got a little bit lazy, a little bit tired, and still a good par on 18, good way to finish, but not my best.

Q. The flipside, you were coming back with birdies, so one or the other, either you look at it as I kept making bogeys after birdies or vice versa. What do you walk away from this with?
BRITTANY LANG: I'm not really sure yet. It was definitely a roller coaster back nine. I'm just excited for tomorrow. I'm excited; I need to get another good night's sleep and just keep my energy up and keep focused. I think I'll have a good round tomorrow.

Q. What Lydia's doing --
BRITTANY LANG: That's the problem, it's going to take definitely a low round. Hopefully the putts bump my direction.

But I like this golf course. Luke and I have been doing great this week. We've had good clubs and good reads and a good feel for the course. I've just got to do my part tomorrow and just stay aggressive and keep sharp. She's going to keep going under and under, that's for sure.

Q. Are you continually impressed by her maturity of what she's done under pressure?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, she's something else. It is very impressive how young she is and how mature she is. She's a really cool person, super nice, one of the nicest girls out here. So I always love playing with her and just hanging with her because she's just genuinely nice. Yeah, she's very steady so I have to shoot a low round tomorrow.

Q. Does that make it easier tomorrow; that you have a good relationship and it's somewhat more enjoyable -- I know you're battling it out but someone you enjoy playing with?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, it definitely helps, especially in twosomes. Luke and I always say, we're with each other all the time so there's not a whole lot that we talk about that's different. So it's nice when you have somebody different or somebody to joke around with and be loose out there.

Q. You were younger when you came out, not as young as she. Were you ready to play the kind of golf that she is playing now at 18?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, probably not. I think I had the game but I don't -- at 18, I think I had the game but I don't think I had the confidence and the nerves. I mean, frankly, I still don't think I'm to her level. She's so steady and it's like the nerves don't get to her or she just does such a great job working on it. I think my game was there but I don't think mental live that kind of confidence.

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