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March 26, 2016

Louis Oosthuizen

Austin, Texas

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I was definitely the underdog. I just wanted to go out and play solid golf. Jordan played great. We both played great. He put a lot of pressure on me with a few long putts he made early on. I was just trying to give myself as many putts for birdie as I can.

Q. How about you? How do you think you played?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I felt like I played pretty solid. I'm not making a lot of putts at that time moment. I made a crucial one on 13. But I'm getting opportunities and that's all I can do. Hopefully I make a few putts this afternoon.

Q. Big win for you. You take down Masters champion, world's number one ranked player on his home turf. Very difficult assignment for you today and you accomplished it?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I mean, this morning I think got a bit lucky, not as many people out there early when we teed off. I've got a bit -- when I got down to 11 and 12, I could see everyone behind Jordan, which I expected.

I played nice. I played solid golf. I made good birdies at crucial times. If I can do the same this afternoon, I'll have a good shot.

Q. A lot of golf with a cranky back at time. Everything good?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: All good. I had a lot of good work the last year on it and it's been a really good so far.

Q. The good news is that you got by Jordan Spieth. The bad news is Dustin Johnson awaits?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: That's fine. That's what it's all about. You need to beat everyone to try and win this championship. It's going to be a massive match this afternoon. Dustin is one of the long hitters out here, so he's definitely going to have a good advantage.

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