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March 25, 2016

Venus Williams

Miami, Florida

E. VESNINA/V. Williams

6-0, 6-7, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Amazing effort out there today, the element itself. Could you go back to after the second set and that steely reserve moment when you were completely still, no one talking, moving, and that focus? Could you share a little bit of that?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm sorry, I don't remember the moment. There were so many.

Q. After the big tiebreak and then there was the clothing change, but you sat still, completely still.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Just really trying to stay focused. What else can you do except try to stay focused on the task at hand?

Q. Physically how to you feel at this point?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, you know, it was definitely a physical match. She played amazing tennis. All credit to her today.

Q. Could you just talk us through the tiebreak a little bit. We don't normally see you using Hawk-Eye. It came in clutch for you today. Just kind of see-sawed and seemed like that was where the match might have turned.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, definitely really competitive tiebreaker. That's the nice part about Hawk-Eye: if you hit a ball in, it's your point; if you hit it out, then you never deserved it anyway.

So definitely some good challenges on my end today.

Q. Do you feel good about going into Roland Garros right now?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I mean, honestly, it's a little bit away. I have to think about surface change, and, you know, still a pretty good two months, eight weeks away. Hoping to play some good tennis in between.

Q. Talk a little bit about the third set. You must have thought that things were turned around there for you. Was it something she did or something you weren't able to keep up the level?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think she just played really well. I couldn't afford any errors because she was on. She didn't make many errors. She came out with nothing to lose and just everything worked for her today.

Bad luck for me; great luck for her. As the match continued I think I started to find more and more rhythm. She is coming off qualifying and playing doubles matches every week. It's a little bit challenging to play your best tennis without -- you know, against an opponent who is just so inspired.

You don't have a moment to try and figure out how to get into the match.

Q. It was a long match and you had a big hole to dig out of there. How did you feel you held up physically?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I don't know. I would have to watch the tape. I don't really remember what happened at 3-2. It's not like I played badly during the match. She just always had an answer.

I didn't get a chance to play as much offense as I would like, but just credit to her for playing well. Hopefully she can keep that level throughout the whole tournament.

Q. End of the spring hard court season. Just assess the first three months for you approximate in 2016.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, first three months is just the beginning really in tennis. You just keep going, so...

I always enjoy my time on the court and have a blast every single tournament whether I win or lose.

Q. I know you always are into playing the Olympics and everything. Is it all about Rio or other things?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, of course. I can't wait. I mean, I want to have the privilege to be able to play there. I just got to keep playing well and keep winning matches and just stay level.

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