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March 25, 2016

Zach Johnson

Austin, Texas

Q. You are on a roll right now. How good does the game feel at this moment?
ZACH JOHNSON: It feels pretty good. I guess my bogeys this week have been 3-putts, which you are going to do out here. That happens. In that regard, I feel good. I haven't -- I just kept the golf course in front of me. I haven't done anything overly foolish, with the exception of bad 5-iron on 12. You are going to hit a couple bad shots here and there. I feel good. I made some putts, I missed some putts today. Probably all evened out. Good to win your match with a made putt.

I don't want to see him miss a putt, that's for sure. Shane didn't have his best. I feel fortunate.

Q. You have been keeping it pretty simple. A lot of fairways. Irons have been good. The putting stroke is pretty pure right now.
ZACH JOHNSON: Everything is really solid. The driver is -- it's only getting better day-by-day. The iron play has been pretty stout. We actually hit some good iron shots today that didn't pan out as far as our lines go and what we thought our carry distances should have been. Specifically on 14, I don't know what happened there. I think everything is good. Like you said, when you are seeing the line, you are going to hit it online. Occasionally it goes in, you are know you are doing okay.

Q. You haven't played 16, 17, 18 yet. Are you going to do that now?
ZACH JOHNSON: We're going to try to scoot around those three holes. I don't anticipate that happening that often this weekend, so I'll try to get a little practice in.

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