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March 24, 2016

Damonte Dodd

Andrew Terrell

Melo Trimble

Louisville, Kentucky

Kansas - 79, Maryland - 63

ANDREW TERRELL: Definitely one of my closest guys. I'm going to miss him. I'm going to miss Sheed. All the seniors that's helped me a lot, I'm going to miss them all.

Q. If this was the last game for guys like Diamond and Melo, does it put a damper at all on what they did while they were here?
ANDREW TERRELL: No. Diamond is one of the best players at the amateur level. Melo is the same. Both top 25 players in amateur basketball right now. You can never put anything on that. If they do decide, that's their decision. We love them just the same.

And the whole key to all this is just trying to get everybody successful and a better life later on. If that's what they choose, then those are our brothers. That's our family.

Q. So you said the goal for all of this is to make sure everybody can go in the real world successful. How would you evaluate what this year's team did in terms of that? How successful you played?
ANDREW TERRELL: Everybody. Everybody contributed. Everybody did their thing. Obviously, we're are going to be missing some guys next year. We're going to be missing Jake, who honestly taught me how to live.

Q. Taught you how to live, does that mean off the court?
ANDREW TERRELL: Yeah. Like everybody sees our family on the court. Nobody sees us off. The guys, they taught us how to live, especially the young guys. They really mentored us.

Q. Can you talk about the first half? You guys are down after seemingly outplaying them most of the half. Do you feel like that's kind of where it got away from you? Should have been up?
DAMONTE DODD: It was tough. We did good in the first half. We kept it close. We were just up a couple times. I just think came out in the second half and they just -- they just made shots. They made more shots than we did, and they got to the foul line a lot more than we did. We just didn't answer back.

Q. A lot was made about you guys and your size against them, and they out-rebounded you by a big margin. I don't know if you've seen the number. Surprise you?
DAMONTE DODD: Yeah. I mean, it did surprise me. We matched up well. It's tough when you come out, you try to come and block a shot, and then your man gets the rebound. It's tough. So you can't blame your guard because I wouldn't expect them to get a rebound over someone that big.

So, yeah, I mean, they're a really good team. Props to them.

Q. How about Rasheed's steal and near buzzer beater at the end of the first half?
DAMONTE DODD: Yeah, that was tremendous. I mean, that gave us a boost going in, like we're here to play. But like I said, they just came out in the second half and they just made a lot more shots than we did.

Q. How much stress did that foul trouble put on you guys lineup-wise? Seems like you had to play some lineups you haven't played in a couple weeks, maybe even a couple months.
DAMONTE DODD: We always usually prepare for whatever they throw at us. But, yeah, we had to play some lineups, and some people didn't know some of the plays at certain positions. It kind of screwed us up. So it was really tough, the foul trouble.

Q. Biggest difference in the second half in rebounding, was it an adjustment they made, or just the way the ball bounced?
DAMONTE DODD: A little bit of both. The way the ball bounced, adjustments. Like I said, coming up with the blocked shots, Frank Mason, guys like that, they're really good at wrapping around, finding an open man. Perry Ellis got off early. Landen Lucas, he started doing his dirty work. So like I said, they're a really good team, and it was tough.

Q. What was the overall vibe like at halftime when it was still a one-possession game?
DAMONTE DODD: Everyone was hyped. We came in, we said yeah, win the half, win the game. We just fell short.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
MELO TRIMBLE: That was pretty much the game. We didn't make any shots.

Q. In the first half, it seemed like this team played with so much confidence. What did Coach Turgeon say to you afterwards?
MELO TRIMBLE: He just said how proud he was of us and how much he loves is. And this is about us getting better and learning. It was a heck of a season. We made it to the Sweet 16, which they haven't done since 2003. Great season.

Q. Melo, I'm sorry to ask this, but when will you know that that was your last game as a Maryland Terrapin?
MELO TRIMBLE: I'm not sure.

Q. Thank you.
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