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March 24, 2016

Justin Rose

Austin, Texas

Q. Great comeback for you the last two holes. You had to make something happen and you did.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I mean, sometimes making it simple the last two holes, you know what you have to do. I feel like I finally hit a good wedge shot. I feel like that's what I've been sort of letting guys into the game too often with wedge play around here this week. There's a lot of wedges, haven't been taking advantage. It was nice to pull one out when required on 18.

The half point for me there is huge because it kind of gives the opportunity tomorrow where I know what I have to do. No matter what happens, even with Kuch, if he manages to beat Fabian, I know if I beat Kuch tomorrow, I go through. Whereas if you are 1-1 going into tomorrow, there's so many scenarios. So that was a big point for me, half point.

Q. I would think, knowing you and your personality, you want to control your own destiny. That's huge.
JUSTIN ROSE: That is huge. That is what I was aware of that coming down the stretch today. I let Anirban off the hook on 15, had about a five-footer there to get back to all square. I knew that being 1-down playing 16, it was going to be hard to get a full point. You can do it obviously, but all square with three to play is anyone's game still. But 1-down, three to play, you need to win two of the last three to get that full point. But when he rolled in that huge eagle putt, all you can do is tip your cap. At that point, I was just fighting and hanging on.

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