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March 24, 2016

Brittany Lang

Carlsbad, California

Q. How was it out there?
BRITTANY LANG: It was great. I holed out from the fairway for eagle on my first hole, which was like, it was so cool, I was out of the rough. It's hard to judge the distance, and Luke gave me the 9-iron and when I saw it hit, I'm like, okay, it's going to hit soft, good.

And then I was like, oh my gosh, that looks good and then started the day with that. That always makes you pretty comfortable. I played great last week. I've been hitting it really good. These greens can definitely be tough, the speed. They are really slow, really quick. They can be difficult. So you've got to be a little cautious.

So I don't think I did as good of a job as I could have coming in, really committing to my shots and being aggressive. I still hit a lot of good shots but I need to get some rest and really do a better job tomorrow playing more aggressive towards the end.

Q. You can't take away from a great round, I know the last hole, but that's also one of the hardest probably holes you girls will play all year.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, it is a tough hole. I played good all day. I didn't quite hit it as well as I did last week in Phoenix but I played really good all day. I hit a perfect tee ball on 18 and had a perfect number for a 6-iron and I hit it really unsolid and just left myself a long putt.

It is deferral a challenging hole. You have to hit two quality shots.

Q. You mentioned last week, you're working on alignment and not thinking too much and that's why you played so well. Was that the case again today?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, since it worked last week, I've just been working on alignment with putting and swing and just really getting behind the ball and getting a nice picture and trying to commit, commit 100 percent to my shots. I didn't do as good of a job today, which is really cool to shoot 5-under and know that you can still really work on that.

So I need to do a better job with that tomorrow. But yeah, just been working on alignment and some simple things.

Q. Is your confidence as high as it's been in a long time?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, it feels great. I had a good off-season and I played great at the Bahamas and just didn't quite get it going in Asia, so it feels great to get a Top-10 last week and definitely come out and I kind of know what I'm doing, I know what my ball is doing and it's definitely a lot more fun.

Q. Is that saying something about your round; the fact that you know you left out there and you didn't have what you thought was your A Game and you're tied for the lead?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I'm excited. It really does. I think we did some good work in the practice round, the Pro-Am. It helps to play this course a bunch and we've learned a lot and I feel a little bit more comfortable on this course because it's hard to play for the first time. I think we have a good game plan, good strategy. I just definitely need to keep playing aggressive and just keep having a little bit of better commitment tomorrow.

Q. Are you going to wear all blue for Duke tomorrow?
BRITTANY LANG: I just might, if they win.

Q. How far did you have on 8?
BRITTANY LANG: The par 5? 130.

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