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March 23, 2016

Zach Johnson

Austin, Texas

Q. A lot of people coming into the week were touting you as one of the favorites because they thought your game would match up with this venue perfectly. After seeing it, what did you make of it?
ZACH JOHNSON: I like the golf course, especially for match play. I think it's terrific. I played good. I think I was 6-under for the day. I just didn't give him anything. I didn't make any bogeys, which helped. That's tough in this wind.

I was in control of my golf ball. I think it definitely is a strategizing golf course, if you will, where you have to hit the fairways. You don't have to hit it to ten feet every time. It's just about taking advantage of the par-5s.

Q. Talk about today, never trailed, six birdies, you had an eagle. You played good today.
ZACH JOHNSON: I played solid. It was quality golf. I hit maybe two bad shots, but you are going to do that in this kind of wind, couple bad tee shots. But nothing significant. I was in control of my golf ball, which is key. Getting up early, like you said, was nice. It goes 3-up through four. He made a nice rally to get it back.

Just not much wiggle room there. I took advantage of some things. He played fine. I was 6 or 7-under. I'm not sure what I was. I played solid.

Q. I know you've been working hard, breaking in the new clubs. Now you are finally feeling some good stuff, aren't you?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah. It's probably a combination of things. I've always felt comfortable with the golf clubs. That hasn't been much of an issue. My golf swing is coming along now. My short game has been okay.

Last week was nice having a nice finish there. Just trying to get momentum for the spring because there's a lot of big tournaments coming up. We're at one right now. Each day, I feel like everything is kind of getting better. Just more reps and the better I'll get.

Q. The way you play, I would think a player would say, oh, my gosh, it's Zach. You are going to hit it in the fairway. You've got a great short game. It seems like you are suited for match play?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, yes and no. It depends on the golf course. You put me back down in Tucson, I don't got much of a chance down there. I've got to play flawless golf. San Francisco was pretty good for me last year and I think this course is okay, too. I don't think you have to kill it necessarily here. I think my boring golf does pretty well in match play.

Q. You are only the second match that hasn't gone past 15. Do you think that's a testament to the field or the course or a combination?
ZACH JOHNSON: I think it's a testament to the field. Clearly that's what it is. I mean, everybody is going to pick this apart, especially all the critics, the Golf Channel, that kind of everything. Oh, that's upset. There's no upsets really. For the most part, everybody here can win it outright. It's the best players in the world. Any given day, as they say.

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