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March 20, 2016

Maverick McNealy

Orlando, Florida

Q. Overall, how do you describe your experience this week?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: It was awesome. Obviously it's a treat every time you get to play the PGA TOUR. I had fun, awesome being out there with Zach and great experience. Learned a lot.

Put myself in a lot of situations where I can learn from the experiences, too, and good shots and bad and took a little bit of confidence away knowing that when I play good golf I can compete with these guys and obviously it takes a lot to play well out here and it's very difficult and every time you miss a shot there's no getting around it when they're setting the courses for the best players in the world. It really makes you pay. It takes really, really good golf to compete with these guys. I'm happy with how I did this week.

Q. What do you think is the biggest thing you learned?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: Well, I think the biggest thing I need to improve is my driving. That sets up every shot and it's incredible how much more difficult it is to play out of the rough on the PGA TOUR than it is the fairway and the rough on the PGA TOUR versus the rough in college.

I just -- I got to play 9 with Jason and fun how he's playing so great this week. Just kind of watching these guys and seeing the things they do, how they work with their caddies. Little things you pick up on. Those things add up.

Q. You've worn the Palmer Cup each day. How does it feel to come full circle with that event earning an exemption here in the final round?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: It was awesome, special to play in this event and really special to be able to walk down the fairway on Sunday, getting to play all four rounds.

It's really cool to see the legacy Mr. Palmer left and what a cool event and how the players are. It's been an awesome week.

Q. What do you think your teammates are going to want to know first when you get back?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: Well, I know they've all been following because they've been texting me, "Play well today", "Nice shot here" and stuff and I think they've been watching back home but I'm shifting my focus now to college golf.

I got the majority of my tough school out of the way and played this event and now it's focusing on we as a team can make a run at the national championship and it starts on Thursday at a home tournament.

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