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March 20, 2016

Kiradech Aphibarnrat

Orlando, Florida

Q. What is it about this place that gets you going?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Well, I played very good golf this golf course and first day no good and then at the end of today was really low rounds and coming in the Top-10 again. I think I can -- I love this golf course. I got the length, putted well and done it twice.

Q. Because last year you came in and you had a really impressive showing, too. Anything in particular about this, something kicks in? Is it the layout or just -- it's hard to put your finger on but what about this place there really gets a guy going?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: You know, this course you got opportunity from the player that got the length, all par 5 you can reach by 2, then I just like the greens. I mean I putted so well this week, no 3-putt at all in the score. You know, hole a lot of putt. I think it's the best way to do.

Q. Did you feel a good round coming on? Did you have a 65 in you coming today?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Well, I got a good feel when I hit on the range this morning, striking ball so good, then much better than first three rounds but my putting still working well.

So, I hit green in regulation so get opportunities, made a lot of birdies, then a whole lot of luck on two, three hole, long putts so I have confidence.

Q. 11 was that a key?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Yeah, it is. I've been 4-under after 10. Then 11 is big key, you know, when you get that and 13 is long, long putt, 12, 13 yards away and that two hole make one or two birdies coming up.

Q. How close do you feel you are to winning a tournament like this?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: I think I kept -- you know, I play in just three years I play a lot of world golf events, PGA TOUR events so I think I'm getting used to it and experience all that I get, all the player.

I think I'm learning everyday and make my golf game improving. It's not so far. I mean one day, I just keep thinking one day I'll try to get this trophy.

Q. The crowd really warms up to you. You get that everywhere?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: I think because my name is really, you know, quite tough or it sounds funny. I love it when everyone, every time I walk around. Doesn't matter with what they calling me but I know they calling me, love to be in it.

Q. Nobody gets it right, your name, right?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: It's tough. I understand you guys the way to pronounce it, but the way you guys, that is great.

Q. For the record, pronounce it correctly for us.
A Kiradech Aphibarnrat.

Q. Talk a little bit about your schedule getting here this week. You played at Doral and went to Thailand and back. Talk a little bit about that schedule.
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Well, golf in Doral is not easy to go out and the way you have big event. Then one in your home country, it's tough to say no. I just want to fly and go back and help all the golf fans to come and support and everyone expect me to be there and, you know, I can't let them down, even fly 26 hour.

I love to do it for the fans and the way I come back here, 12 hour time change but I'm getting really fast get used to the time.

Q. And your thoughts about next week at Match Play, your mindset going into that week.
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: It make my confidence back. You know, after -- I got a neck, shoulder injury beginning of this year, then today I hit solid golf, very low score. Get my confidence to get ready for the Match Play.

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