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March 20, 2016

Adam Scott

Orlando, Florida

Q. Is there a difficulty when you win twice like that and then to kind of keep it sharp for all 72 holes the next week?
ADAM SCOTT: It's a challenge. I mean shouldn't be that difficult but it is a little challenging, you know, trying to stay out of your own way and manage your expectations.

I think I did well this week but like can happen in any of these course ins Florida, some misjudgments are crucial and, again, I had a triple and two doubles this week, at least two doubles and you look at my score and everyone has some dips. On three, four swings you lose 7 shots and that going to be close to being right there at the end of the week.

So, you know, it's all good. I mean there was lot of good and I felt I didn't putt as well this week, either. Obviously, I was doing everything fantastic for a couple weeks. Yeah, there's some good to take from this week and some stuff to work on, too.

Q. What's your energy level like after being in contention, winning twice, being here, difficult test of golf?
ADAM SCOTT: Definitely feel a little less stress leaving Bay Hill than I did leaving Doral. It was a stressful couple weekends for me, I mean just trying to get it in the clubhouse at those golf courses is just brutal, and that's what the guys will find here this afternoon, especially 18.

Just down to hitting a good drive and good second. So, all in all, I mean I'm disappointed to finish poorly like on 18, but I've just got to manage the energy a little bit and try and let it build back up and next week the same. I want to be there in contention. I feel like I'm playing good enough to, so the competitiveness, I'm a little frustrated.

Q. What happened on 18? The lie, couldn't see it.
ADAM SCOTT: The wedge must have just been a bit of a poor start. Started a bit right of where I was looking. I was surprised it didn't carry. I thought it wasn't a risk for the yardage but that's what happened and it was a kind of wedged between two rocks. I thought I could get a pretty clear path.

In the end it was better than dropping it. It got out on grass (laughter). It would have been better than dropping back down 95 yards away. So, it was worth a shot. I thought it might just pop-up and do something magical.

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