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March 19, 2016

Adam Scott

Orlando, Florida

Q. Obviously had a good day, bounce back from yesterday before 18. Tough way to end it but how did you feel about the way you have been playing for 17 holes?
ADAM SCOTT: I was just scoring -- it was really good conditions early on aside from the last 40 minutes and unfortunately the 18th got me, double and triples and quads are catching up with me.

Q. You came in here, you know, trying to become the first three time winner in the Florida swing, probably going to come up short but just are you going the take from this -- these four weeks and obviously pretty remarkable run, nonetheless.
ADAM SCOTT: Good run. See what happens tomorrow. Probably not going to win the tournament but another good round tomorrow could go a long, long way. We'll just see. I got to think about tomorrow's round at the moment.

Q. Might be able to get it in before this stuff moves through and play a couple holes before the 4th Round?
ADAM SCOTT: It's good to get it in but I would rather sit out if I'm not going to make the triple bogey.

Q. Can you just assess your play the first few days, what -- the irons off maybe a little bit or was it -- maybe the putts weren't dropping that had been?
What is it?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I mean it's been pretty good. Made a double bogey and triple double. It's pretty costly. If it's not for that I'm right there.

You know, I think it's easy to be critical of everything but I think my game is pretty good so I'll just try and tighten it up a little bit. It's going to be better. Everyone always thinks that. I can just play a good solid round tomorrow I'll be happy with myself.

Q. Not discouraged?

Q. I hadn't spoken to you.
ADAM SCOTT: No. I'm playing fine. I'm 9-under playing the last in good shape and hit a bad shot.

Q. Thank you for your time.
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