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March 19, 2016

Brooke Henderson

Phoenix, Arizona

Q. How many Canadians did you bring with you here?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I think the whole country. Yeah, it was so much support out there right from the get go, the first tee they gave me two cheers instead of just one. Yeah, it was a good day.

Q. This course obviously if you don't shoot 5 or 6-under here, you're losing ground. Kind of talk about your round, and you know you have to go low today.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. I knew 5-under, 6-under, just like you said, just to keep up with the field, so I'm happy to get 7-under and hopefully I'll gain one or two shots.

Really wasn't anything too special coming around the turn but was able to make it into something a little bit better on the Back 9 going 5-under. And right off the start I was playing well and felt pretty good 3-under and then kind of went through a slump and got it back.

Q. Stacy said the other day the course is just playing very solid. Just firing at pins. Is that what's happening?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah. I was trying to ask a couple of girls and just listen to what the conditions were like other years, because I know the scores were really low here every year. And you know, the fairways are pretty firm, but the greens are holding. Just like you said.

Q. What was the difference today being able to get a couple of more shots out of your round than the two days prior?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Not a whole bunch. I was a little more comfortable with my swing and was able to be a little bit more aggressive on tee shots and pins and just got a couple of good breaks and was able to cap it off.

Q. Whether it's been here or Coates, it seems like the first two events in America, you've still gotten a huge Canadian following. Did you expect that first year on tour?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I mean you know, I didn't expect it, but a lot of Canadians I guess winter down here, and they love golf, and apparently love me too, which is very cool. So yeah, the support was really amazing today.

Q. Have you thought about what it will be like playing the Olympics for Canada, the week before you go home to the Canadian women's open, potentially getting the medal and then returning home?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah. It could be kind of like perfect timing. You know, last year I won an event and my first event back home was in Canada, and hopefully it will be the same kind of thing this year at the Olympics.

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