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March 19, 2016

J.P. Macura

Edmond Sumner

James Farr

Myles Davis

St. Louis, Missouri

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Xavier student-athletes James Farr, Edmond Sumner, Myles Davis and J.P. Macura. Questions?

Q. Myles, Xavier and Wisconsin have contrasting styles of play. Largely you guys want to get up and down and they're more grind-it out, especially in the last game, of course. Do you think pace is a big indicator of who will control them in this game? And how important do you think pace is in general in a game like this?
MYLES DAVIS: I think pace does play a little part in it. Wisconsin does like to slow the ball down. We have a certain pace that we go with. But honestly it really doesn't matter, as long as whichever offense is clicking the best. And we try not to even pay attention to our offense or the pace. It's all about getting stops regardless if we're scoring ten points or if we're scoring 50 points. So it doesn't matter. But pace will probably play a good role here.

Q. J.P., you guys have a few opponents in common -- Marquette, Georgetown, Michigan. Does seeing them play those teams prepare you in any way heading into tomorrow's game?
J.P. MACURA: I mean it more prepares the coaches because they can watch those games and give us more details on how to defend them, how to execute on offense.

Q. Edmond, this is your first NCAA Tournament as an active player. What's it like for you kind of coming on to this stage for the first time? Do you ask other guys for advice on anyone, knowing it's a little different than the Big East Tournament or the regular season?
EDMOND SUMNER: I mean, most of the older guys, they just paved the way for me, just letting me know to keep doing what I've been doing throughout the whole season and not to change anything.

Q. James, I know it's been kind of a crash course -- I don't know how much you really know about the Xs and Os of Wisconsin at this point but what do you see as some of the challenges in tomorrow's game?
JAMES FARR: You know, we haven't really discussed Wisconsin that much. We'll do that later on tonight and today in practice. But we just know they're a big physical team. They rebound, they go through their post players and they have some key shooters. That's all we know really for now.

Q. You guys are notoriously a good free-throw shooting team but yesterday you only got to the line maybe four times. Is that something you plan to do, being more aggressive to the hoop and getting to the foul line?
MYLES DAVIS: Yeah, yesterday we didn't get to the free-throw line too much. But it's okay, we're going to try again tomorrow, like you said, just try to be more aggressive and to use that aspect of the game to help us be better. So, I mean, we'll get to the line tomorrow and we'll make our free throws.

JAMES FARR: Yeah, I don't think we weren't being aggressive yesterday. You know, that wasn't the case. It was just the way Weber State defends as well. They're a team that doesn't aggressively hedge on ball screens. They kind of back up. So they don't really foul much. And we went to the line four times but that didn't depict how we played. I thought we played very well yesterday.

Q. For any of you guys, I know that you've been working on not settling for shots and not just taking quick shots. How do you feel your shot selection was yesterday?
EDMOND SUMNER: I think we did pretty well. Couple of possessions we shot the ball kind of fast. But with the older guys we had to settle down, we had to get some great shots because we went 0-for-2 a couple of times up the floor, so I think our shot selection was pretty good the last game.

J.P. MACURA: I would say it's pretty good as well. Throughout the whole year I think we've all been playing for each other and passing the ball, making extra passes. I think that's a key reason why we've been so successful this year.

Q. Myles, do you ever get tired of the constant Billy Madison references?
MYLES DAVIS: I feel like everybody says that nowadays. It's kind of funny now. But I like the more creative ones that people come up with.

Q. Do you guys have a creative Miles Davis reference?

MYLES DAVIS: Not that I know of.


EDMOND SUMNER: Not at all.

Q. James, you talked a couple times this year the defense down the stretch being wavy or inconsistent. After last night's performance, do you feel like that was a confidence booster for you guys going forward to be able to play the way you did?
JAMES FARR: Yes, of course. Weber State is a very good team. They won their conference. They had two really good players out there. Just to see how Remy defended Jeremy Senglin, and Jeremy Bolomboy is going to be an NBA player probably, and we kind of contained him as well. So that's a very big confidence booster and hopefully we can build off of that.


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