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March 19, 2016

Zach Auguste

Demetrius Jackson

V.J. Beachem

Brooklyn, New York

Q. Coach Brey had a good game back in his day against Stephen F. Austin. I was just wondering if you guys could imagine him going for 22 points and just imagining him as a player, the relationship you guys have with him now, what it would be like to go back and watch him.
DEMETRIUS JACKSON: Yeah, I saw that he had his career high against the team we'll be competing against, and he's always really loose and really having fun with us. So he was talking to me personally about how he was doing all these flashy moves and stuff like that. So it was a good conversation.

V.J. BEACHEM: Yeah, I'll just agree with what Demetrius said. It probably brings back memories for him. He talked about it a little bit last night with me too.

ZACH AUGUSTE: I agree with both of them.

Q. What do you guys know about Stephen F. Austin? Do you guys know any of the players on the team previously from AAU or anything like that?
DEMETRIUS JACKSON: I don't know any of the players from AAU or anything like that. We watched them play in the last game, and they're a really great team. They do a lot of things really well. We'll definitely need to bring our "A" game in order to survive and advance.

V.J. BEACHEM: I agree with what Demetrius said. I think we've got to be great with the ball and be poised offensively and be ready to defend from the tip.

ZACH AUGUSTE: Yeah, one thing that they do a good job at is pushing teams to make turnovers, and that's something we've struggled with in the past, especially the last game in the beginning. So just us kind of dictating the tempo and playing at our pace will be key for us.

Q. Stephen F. Austin's coach described the way they play as positionless basketball. A lot of guys can bring the ball up. They can move people around into different areas. What is the challenge of that for your team on both ends of the floor when they have sort of multiple -- players who can play multiple positions?
DEMETRIUS JACKSON: We'll really have to be locked in defensively, moving as five. It's going to be a total team effort on the defensive end because they've got a lot of great players, and they can really score the ball, and they do cause turnovers and get out in transition, things like that. So we'll really have to -- it will be a great team effort, and we'll have -- we'll have some great things to talk about today in practice.

V.J. BEACHEM: Like Demetrius said, we'll have to defend as five and try to limit them transition-wise. We've got to try to limit their transition points and points off turnovers.

ZACH AUGUSTE: Although they're a great team and we're going to have to prepare for them, we don't want to adjust to them. We want them to adjust to us and how we play. So that's what we're going to have to do.

Q. As I'm sure you've seen or heard, Thomas Walkup is getting a lot of attention for them. He scored 33 points last night. I was wondering if you guys have seen him on film, have any thoughts about him and how you plan to attack him and guard him.
THE MODERATOR: Normally, we may go to a big guy with this question, but because they play positionless basketball, we'll go to all three guys, beginning with Demetrius.

DEMETRIUS JACKSON: Like you said, he's a really great player and had a really great game. It's going to be a total team effort. We're going to have to have attention to detail, have team awareness of him, helping each other out in the gaps. Zach has done a great job of that this year just coming around the blocks, and so has V.J. It will be an entire team effort all night long.

V.J. BEACHEM: It will be a team effort. We'll probably throw different guys at him throughout the game. We have to defend him without fouling. He shot a lot of free throws yesterday. So that's going to be big for us.

ZACH AUGUSTE: Definitely, just knowing our personnel. Probably going to switch up, go to two-three, play man. Really just understanding him, knowing his tendencies, what he likes to do, what shoulders he likes to go off, and really just try to pressure that.

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