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March 18, 2016

Tom Brands

New York, New York

THE MODERATOR: Coach, you might give us a wrap-up on your thoughts on tonight and then we'll throw it open for questions.

TOM BRANDS: We won 5 matches in a row and then we lost three. So we gotta pick ourselves up as a team and go forward. This is so funny because of the emotion and the change. The bottom line is we got two 7th place matches, a guy in the top 6 that has a chance at getting third and he's a senior, and we got three in the finals.

Q. Coach, looking at the 1-2 punch that got you started off at 25-33, how huge was that, and riding those guys' momentum you got another finalist after that. But how important were those two guys coming out wrestling the way they did, and Gilman gritting through the win against Tomasello, how huge was that?
TOM BRANDS: They were all top matches and they were all three won. That's what you do. When you are a dominating wrestler you want to dominate, you win tough matches and it's that simple at this point. You can say it's not pretty or not this or that, but I had a question of when Sorenson was going to get to his offense after the Nebraska matches. No better time to get to your offense than overtime and no better time to win than round to round to round.

Q. When Sorenson was in here he talked about that the facts that fans don't understand why he's more explosive, but he says the coaches understand. What do we not see that is happening with a guy like Sorenson?
TOM BRANDS: I will ask a question back, I don't like it when people answer a question with a question, he is pretty consistent, right? And you would say, yes. So you don't try to change someone that maybe doesn't have the gifts that just because you're a fan you want to see it.

So the questions come, but I tell you what, I'll defend him every time because he's very consistent. He represents our program very well, and he's pretty dog gone tough through adversity and other things as well that you don't see every day which we see every day.

The other thing is he's got -- you know, people say he's got one hold. He's got four or five holds. He can run around behind you he can go to this side of the body and he can go to this side of the body. That's why I defend him. That's why I defend him.

Q. Coach, if you look at the pressure and the output that Zane puts on people at 149, it's similar to what you and your brother put on people. How are you guys going to prepare someone for what he is bringing, and it is it's amazing the amount of output he has. How do you prepare him for that output?
TOM BRANDS: In the Big Ten finals, the first thing is we gave up an easy take down, not saying that Rutherford didn't earn it. We gave it up too easy. It was in the leg and then he kinda fell down. That's the first thing, and the second thing is you gotta win a tough match. You're going to be in tough situations in tough matches and you gotta rise above in those situations and if there is a series of them you gotta keep rolling and you win a tough match and it's a lot like Gilman, that's the psychological, emotional aspect of the sport that defines you as a competitor. It's that simple.

THE MODERATOR: Coach, thank you so much.

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