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March 18, 2016

Jason Nolf

New York, New York

Q. Make a brief statement about your match and then we'll open it up for questions.
JASON NOLF: Yeah, I just went out to wrestle and score points and tried to look for the fall. I thought I had it once, but the ref didn't call it, so I just kept scoring points for my team and for myself.

Q. You and Martinez are in the finals. You've split before, so look ahead to that match.
JASON NOLF: I'm excited. I didn't really care who I wrestled. I'm just going to go out with the same mentality, score a lot of points, and same thing is going to happen as I've been doing. I'm going to keep trying to score points -- and not just trying to score points, but going out and scoring points, so I'm excited.

Q. What's it mean to you in your freshman season here to be making it to the NCAA finals?
JASON NOLF: I'm really grateful for the opportunity that God has given me and that my coaches have given me. So I'm really excited to go out and compete for Penn State and for myself.

Q. Underclassmen have not only won, but you've scored a lot of bonus points. Also you wrestled a guy who was supposed to be a funk-type of wrestler, but yet your last takedown, you were able to use your leg to actually cause a trip to take him down. Could you talk about both of those?
JASON NOLF: I think when I'm moving a lot is whenever the guy gets off balance, I guess you could say. But just looking to move the whole time and stay on my attacks. And when I get away from that, I don't score as much, obviously, I guess. Just got to stay on my attacks.

Q. Could you talk about the fact that you guys are scoring a lot of bonus points?
JASON NOLF: Yeah. I think that we all have the same goal here, to become national champions, both individually and team-wise. If we want to do that -- if you want to just win an individual title, you don't have to go out and score bonus points, you can win every match by a point. But that's not what we're looking to do. We're trying to score points for our team. I think that's why we're scoring bonus points and the fact that we love wrestling.

Q. Talk about your growth during your redshirt year. You went to the Scuffle and showed people that you were competitive, but came back out after a full year in the room. And how has that helped you so that here in your first competition season you're in the finals?
JASON NOLF: I wrestled in the Scuffle last year. I looked back at it after I was done, and I realized I was winning matches by like three or four points every time, and I was just riding guys instead of trying to keep scoring. So I think that motivated me, especially after my match with James Green. I wasn't wrestling my match, I was wrestling their matches, so that's why I was motivated and just kept working in the room to get better and score more points.

Q. Might be a simple question or maybe not, but what's your inspiration? Where does your inspiration come from to compete like you do?
JASON NOLF: Oh, man, I have a lot of inspirations. I don't know if I can name one. But obviously those who have wrestled before me and my coaches and a lot of things, I guess.

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