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March 18, 2016

Mark Turgeon

Jake Layman

Robert Carter

Melo Trimble

Spokane, Washington

Maryland - 79, South Dakota State - 74

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with an opening statement from coach and then take questions for the student-athletes.

COACH TURGEON: I'm proud of our guys. It's hard to win in this tournament, and I thought for 36 minutes we were really good. Had a 11 point lead, and they hit back to back threes and everything changed. And that happens in this tournament.

But in the end, we did what we had to do. We haven't been in foul trouble like that all year. We had to play some funny lineups and as soon as we got it going, playing inside out, we got in foul trouble and couldn't do that. So, we had to manufacture some things.

But down the stretch we were just good enough defensively. Had a couple silly fouls, but we stepped up and made free throws. Just really proud of the guys. They're advancing and beat a really good team that wouldn't quit and made some big free throws and big shots down the stretch.


Q. Jake and Robert, what was it like the last minute with No. 2 on the bench? And for Melo, what was that last minute like for you?
JAKE LAYMAN: It was tough having him on the bench. I'm proud of our guys to step up like that and make free throws.

ROBERT CARTER: I'm just proud of our guys because a lot of us was in foul trouble, so they stepped up and played big. Jaylen made a big free throw at the end and Jake played really well to help our team get this victory.

MELO TRIMBLE: It was tough to be on the bench at the end of the game. I normally like to shoot the last free throws to end the game. But I trusted Jake and Rasheed and the rest of the guys that was on the floor to end the game and Jake really stepped up at the end and made his free throw and so did Jaylen.

Q. Jake, can you take me through the last possession. What happened there and defensively how were you guys able to key on them and get that stop?
JAKE LAYMAN: I think Jaylen did a great job of putting pressure on the ball. You got to give him a lot of credit for his defense on that play. And Rasheed came in, poked it out and got the steal.

Q. Jake, the South Dakota State coach said that he felt like you were the one that helped win this game. It left you open for shots. And he said it was kind of pick your poison. So did you know kind of coming in or have a feeling coming in that you were going to be the guy who maybe they we didn't do a good job to because they had to key on some of the other guys?
JAKE LAYMAN: Not really. I give Melo and Rasheed a lot of credit for that. They did a great job of driving and finding me on the wing in the corner. I was playing with confidence today, shot felt good.

Q. Jake, a year ago you took one shot in the first round and then today you looked like you were just looking for the basket the whole game. What's the difference between you now and back then?
JAKE LAYMAN: More mature, confident player. I'm trying to play with better pace now. I think I'm playing well.

THE MODERATOR: All right. We'll dismiss these three and then direct questions to coach.

Q. As you guys tried to close the door down the stretch but didn't until the very end, are there any stops similar in this game against Nebraska where the same sort of thing happened?
COACH TURGEON: No, no. Really wasn't. Difference was we had a couple silly fouls there if we don't have those fouls those were tough shots they were taking, it might have been different. But we had to play some funny lineups today because we were in foul trouble. No, it's not a carry over. I'm going to look at the first 36 minutes, against a really good team, we controlled the whole game until that point, with serious foul trouble. But hopefully we'll get better, if that opportunity happens again, that we'll protect the lead a little bit better.

Q. Your thoughts if any at this point on playing Hawaii? Have you had a chance to see them at all during the season?
COACH TURGEON: I watched them over the break, Christmas break when they played at Oklahoma. I watched that game. It was a heck of a game. I know their guards can really score and that other big kid is really good. But that's it. I haven't watched anything. I barely watched any of the game today because you're trying to stay focused on the task at hand. So, we'll go back, my assistants will get me up to date. But they have had, is that 28 wins for them? A school record, right? Pretty amazing. They got an amazing team and a great win for them, coach is doing a great job and we're looking forward to playing them.

Q. When Melo and Diamond were on the bench there early in the second half and Nickens and Layman caught fire, what was that, how crucial was that, given your top two scorers had to stay on the bench?
COACH TURGEON: Yeah, we were really deep team today. Jaylen played well, Jared was terrific, four for eight from three. And then Damonte was real good for us, too. I thought where they really played well was defensively. I thought they guarded well. Then they were able to make shots. But with those two out, we still had Robert in the game and we were able to play through Robert. We had great spacing. We worked really hard on that. We knew they were going to come double, the guys shared the ball, made extra passes. The key in that stretch was we didn't guard very well, so they kind of hung around. If we were shooting the lights out and executing at a high level, it should have been a 20 point game. Instead, at the media timeout it was only 14, and I said, dang, it seems like we should be more than this. But give them credit, they kept scoring during that stretch, too.

Q. After seeing both Michigan State and Cal lose today, was there anything you said to your players before the game to insure you didn't lose to a higher seed team as well?
COACH TURGEON: Yeah, we don't ever talk about losing. We talk about winning and advancing. We knew about yesterday's upsets, we have been kind of locked in. Today, we obviously knew Hawaii beat Cal, today, but besides that, we were just really locked in. It's hard. The pressure, you can't describe it that these kids have to play through. We were really nervous at the start and it showed. Then down the stretch a little bit it showed. But it is what it is. I think each game we'll get a little bit more comfortable. But this March Madness, this is what happens, so.

Q. Seeing anything different out of Jake right now?
COACH TURGEON: I think he said it best, he's much more mature, he's playing with poise, he's playing with a great pace, he's guarded well all year, he's played tremendous defense, he's been a great leader. But the last four weeks he's gotten a lot more aggressive and he's just so confident in shooting the basketball. He was terrific today. We needed every point and every defensive play. So, I'm happy for him and he had a chance to leave, he decided to stay, could have been late first early second, but I think he made a great decision, he's a much better player today because of it.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Thank you, coach.


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