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March 18, 2016

Kyron Cartwright

Kris Dunn

Ben Bentil

Raleigh, North Carolina

Q. For Kyron, I know that you guys sat and watched the first game a little bit. I'm curious what your reaction was to the whole season with all of the Carolina blue in the crowd?
KYRON CARTWRIGHT: I mean, that's kind of what I expect, you know, pretty much at home, I guess. You know, all of their fans are close. They are right here. So I expect them to be at the game.

Q. Is it an advantage?
KYRON CARTWRIGHT: It can be sometimes, I guess. I guess they can just feel comfortable, because they feel like they're at home, I guess.

Q. Kris, you guys are playing Carolina in Carolina with kind of all of the adversity that you've been through over the past couple years. What does this moment mean to you playing in the NCAA Tournament and winning the game last night and playing Carolina tomorrow?
KRIS DUNN: I think it's good for the program to advance past the first round. We haven't done that in a while. Good for the team, you know what I mean? It showed how hard we've been working. Last night's game is definitely amazing. It's one going down in history for us.

Playing against Carolina tomorrow is going to be a good game. So hopefully we'll play as well as we did yesterday.

Q. Kris, I know there's really no answer to this question, the way last night's game ended, could you imagine not having that experience, had you turned pro, for the rest of your life to remember?
KRIS DUNN: Really, I don't really think about the NBA going pro. I'm glad I came back for my senior year. These guys next to me, I love playing with my brothers. Last night is definitely a memory I'm always going to have and I'm glad I came back, and I'm glad Providence College was the school I picked.

Q. Ben, playing against Brice tomorrow, can you kind of talk about, have you watched him at all? Kind of talk about that match-up a little bit?
BEN BENTIL: It's going to be a great matchup. He's a great player, you know. We just going to go out there and play. He's worried about me, I'm worried about him. So we just going to go out there and let the game come to each of us.

Q. You guys played in your first NCAA Tournament game last year. Was there any kind of experience from that game that made you feel more comfortable on this game? Okay, we've done this before. This is just another game to us or is it still a new experience for you guys?
KYRON CARTWRIGHT: I thought it was a different experience than last year. The atmosphere in that game was -- I felt it was more energetic this year than it was last year. It was definitely a crazy experience.

KRIS DUNN: Yeah. I felt like we definitely have more experience than last year. Some of the guys to get on the floor probably felt more comfortable but the younger guys, the freshman, this is their first experience. Really they're going out there trying to feel the vibe and energy and atmosphere of the building. I think everybody that got out there did a major job with it.

Q. Kris, Marcus recalled playing with you in AAU ball. What do you remember playing against him and how often are you able to keep up with him throughout his college career?
KRIS DUNN: I think everybody knows Marcus Paige had a good college career. He made a lot of good shots throughout his years. Yeah, I played him a couple times at AAU. Good shooter. I think everybody knows that. Good player.

Q. Kris, two years ago you were on the bench in San Antonio and Marcus played really well, what do you remember from that game and how difficult was it to sit and watch that game?
KRIS DUNN: It was definitely difficult. That's the year that LaDontae, Kadeem, Bryce Cotton was all on the team. They made history for Providence. We haven't won a Big East championship in a while. That was a great team. They really fought hard. North Carolina, what I remember about that game, they were rebounding, got a lot of second shots due to the rebounding. We fought to the end, and Marcus Paige had a big shot in that game to put them up two or three.

That game was definitely fun to watch, but it was hard to watch it at the same time because I wanted to be out there playing with my guys.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Gentlemen, you're excused. Thank you very much and good luck.

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