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March 17, 2016

David Goffin

Indian Wells, California

D. GOFFIN/M. Cilic

7-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: David reaches his first semifinals at an ATP Masters 1000 event.

Questions, please.

Q. You had a lot fewer break points in the first set. How good did you feel able to get through that one? 12-break point chances in the first set.
DAVID GOFFIN: Yes, of course I knew that against Marin it's gonna be a battle of serves. I knew that on my serve I had to battle to win every service game, because sometimes he can serve bombs and in ten seconds can win his games.

Yeah, I knew I had to be focused on my service games. Even if he had some break points I had to stay focused and to win my service game.

But, yeah, I'm really happy the way I managed important point on the break point at 5-4 when I fell on the courts. It was just bad for me, but at the end I stayed focused in the tiebreak. I think it was the key of the match to win the first set and be more relaxed in the second to play much better.

Q. Were you surprised at how much losing the tiebreaker seemed to take it out of him in the second set?

Q. Were you surprised at how much you winning the tiebreaker and him losing the tiebreaker seemed to take it out of him in the second set?
DAVID GOFFIN: No. I wasn't surprised, but I just played better and better game after game. I put a lot of pressure on his serve in the second, and I think I took the control in the rallies.

I was much better when during the rallies I was more on my baseline. I was make him run a lot. I think when I had opportunity on his second serve I was really aggressive, so that's why it was better second set.

Q. With so many players now being so big, you have guys 6'6" tall, big and booming the bomb serves. How do guys like you compete? How do you win? How do you not get discouraged when you see someone serving 137 miles an hour?
DAVID GOFFIN: I have this question every day. (Smiling.)

Q. Sorry.
DAVID GOFFIN: No, no problem.

Yeah, but, you know, it's good in tennis that you don't have to be big or a tall guy to be good. Yeah, otherwise I had no chance to get in the top 20.

But, yeah, it's good that in tennis you can find some solution against big players like Marin or Milos or Isner. Yeah, maybe I'm quicker. I think I can take the ball earlier than big guy. Of course I don't have a big serve.

But, yeah, like I said, I try to find some solution to win against big server like Marin. I have other weapons. That's why tennis is a nice sport.

Q. At all during the match were you thinking about getting to the semifinal, first semifinal in Masters 1000?
DAVID GOFFIN: No. Before the match I was really confident. I knew that my level was there. I knew that I had to stay focused on what I had to do, yeah, to play in a big stadium against Marin, a player who I beat last week or two weeks ago in Davis Cup.

So it was not the same conditions but I was really confident and I was focused on, yeah, on my plan and not thinking about the semifinal.

Q. Can you talk about the last two matches, big players with the caliber of Stan yesterday and then Marin today? Can you talk about accomplishing that and maybe what that might say about where you're at right now with your tennis and your level?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yes, of course yesterday it was a tough battle against Stan, but was two different matches. One big server, and -- yeah, it was two different match.

But like I said, even if it's Stan or even if it's Marin, I have to do my job and to do what I have to do.

I think my level is here and I can compete really well here in the tournament. My body also is feeling good, so I think, yeah, I beat -- Marin is top 10, so it's almost like I beat a top 10 today. So for the future I think it gives me a lot of confidence.

Yeah, I still don't know where I will be in the future and in the ranking, but I will try to improve a lot, still improve my game to beat a lot of players like this.

It's tough to compare my level to Stan or to Marin, but I just am happy the way I play for the moment.

Q. To rephrase it, then, does it make it sweeter that your first semifinals you beat two such quality players? I mean, that's quite a cool thing.
DAVID GOFFIN: Yes, yes, of course. The first time I played a quarterfinal in Rome, Andy Murray didn't play and retired, so it was not the real quarterfinal, but.

This week it's a real semifinal. (Smiling.) I beat, yeah, Stan and Marin. I'm feeling really good. I'm feeling so good right now. I worked a lot in practice. I have a second coach. We worked a lot with Tomas Johansson and my Belgium coach, Thierry, to beat those guys. And it already pay, so I'm really happy.

Q. Raonic or Monfils next. Very different players.
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, if it's Milos, it's again a match with different style, different -- a tall one and a small one. (Smiling.) Big server. I think it's good conditions for him here with small balls and balls are really fast, so it's tough to return.

But I have weapons to return, like I did today against Marin, and I beat Milos once in Basel. So, yeah, but if it's Gaël, it will be a different match with a lot of rallies. You have to finish every point. He doesn't give a lot of points. He's serving well, also, and moving so well.

So it's gonna be an interesting match to see Milos against Gaël. Yeah, but first of all, I'm going to relax a little bit and watch the match.

Q. How important do you think being in the Davis Cup final last year will be for you this year when you look back on some recent history when Serbia got to the final and Novak had an amazing year the next year and Stan had an incredible year the year after they reached the final and won it. Andy, as well, probably for this year. But for yourself how important do you think reaching that final will be?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, I think sometimes when you don't have a lot of confidence and you come back in your country to play for your team for your country in Davis Cup, even if it's first round or semifinal or final like we did last year, it's always good to come back in your country with good staff, with your friends.

Sometimes if you can win for your country it gives you a lot of energy, a lot of confidence to come back on the tour. Sometimes it helps a lot to play for your country and to win some matches in Davis Cup.

Yeah, I think I learned a lot with a final in Davis Cup against Andy. I did my job, but it was not enough. Even if we lost the final last year, it gave me a lot of confidence for this year on the tour, of course.

Yeah, I don't know why. Maybe for Novak and for Andy it was the same after when they win the Davis Cup they play a good season. We will see with Andy. But, yeah, sometimes it gives you a lot of confidence and energy.

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