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March 17, 2016

William McGirt

Orlando, Florida

Q. Just looked like a pretty solid day, 14 greens of 18. Just a final blemish on last hole.
WILLIAM MCGIRT: Yeah. Just played solid all day. Hit a bunch of good putts and didn't go in. But, just didn't commit to a shot on the last hole.

I had an awkward number and kind of trying to hit it long right and thinking about hitting a cut. Couldn't get comfortable. Should have never gotten over it. Should have backed off and started over. But, all in all, a pretty solid day. Kind of fun to get off to a good start here.

Q. Does that hole make you do that, the 18th hole a little intimidating with that in the second shot?
WILLIAM MCGIRT: The hard thing last couple of holes was figuring out where the wind was coming from. There wasn't much but there was just enough.

Standing at 16 fairway and I'm committed to hybrid and all of a sudden, you know, we feel the gust go from in our face to down. You get on 17 and we're thinking it's in our face there and we look and see everything going down there and just covered the bunker, hit a great shot in there and the same thing on 18.

All we were thinking tee shot is 25 yards short of where it ended up the last couple of days. We thought there had to be -- I didn't you commit.

Q. Finally got off the a good today. Your history has not been good starting here?
WILLIAM MCGIRT: I usually struggle the 1st Round. Shoot somewhere between 1-under and 2-over and playing catch up on Friday. So, it's finally nice to play a good, solid round and you know, that round could have been 4, 5 shots better pretty easily.

Q. How is the condition of the course, they redid all the grasses on the golf course? People been talking about? It.
WILLIAM MCGIRT: The grass is great. I mean I'll leave it at that. The consistency is not where it needs to be. First 8 holes I mean you couldn't -- I hit pitching wedge into 5 from 145, flew it 130 and released past the hole.

Q. It's firm.
WILLIAM MCGIRT: Go to 9 and it's downwind and I got 200 yards trying to hit a 185-yard 6-iron, hits and release four feet and it was just a total guessing game on the back. You get one firm, one soft, two soft. It was kind of all over the place.

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