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March 17, 2016

Justin Rose

Orlando, Florida

Q. Eventful round for you given the start with two eagles. Quite the colorful scorecard today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yes, quite the scorecard today. All in all, happy with the day. Felt like the course was there for the taking so it would have been a disappointing day to not have made a -- gotten around of 68 or better, I suppose.

But I hit some great shots obviously and lot of room for improvement. I didn't feel comfortable with my driver today which is one of my strengths and some of my iron play was -- left a lot to be desired. So, all in all, very happy.

Q. What was the key to the bounce back after the early blemish and the pull drive on 12 you were able to salvage birdie there.
JUSTIN ROSE: Long way to go, 72 holes. You got to trust your skill set, do the right thing. Plenty of opportunities throughout the week. You can't react badly to things. You got to stick with it.

Q. Do you feel like -- given the condition of the course this year, do you feel like you really need to get low early, the number is going to be up there?
JUSTIN ROSE: You don't need to get low early. If we don't get much rain, potential rain in the forecast tomorrow, we'll see. For example, it doesn't rain the course is only going to get firmer and what I loved about it today is the greens were good.

The conditions were perfect to score.

Q. Solid way to get things going for Justin here on the opening round. How did this one develop for you as it went along?
JUSTIN ROSE: Wasn't really solid but it was eventful. Early double and then managed to make birdie somewhere after that and then I was under par. Great to have the par. Felt very comfortable.

You know, a wedge I guess on No. 3, nice bonus. Had a little hot spot around 5, 6. Got pretty much the story of the day.

Left a little bit to be desired. I didn't drive it as well as I have been. My iron play wasn't as sharp as it could have been. All in all, a good start considering everything.

Q. You do call it not solid yet the end result a good number. What does that say about what you're trying to do and ultimately post a number?
JUSTIN ROSE: Those are rounds you always are happy about. I think that's where experience comes in. Stayed cool out there for the most part. It was a tough day. Kuch and I couldn't really get to grips, the one that was kind of variable.

We had a hard time pulling clubs and hit it on the hazard on 18 and got lucky and able to play it out and save par. Didn't do great on No. 1. Bag it on No. 2 right over the back of the green in the bunker to scramble for par. Lot of my good swings I was missing greens on. Kind of interesting. I had to work hard for my score today but some slack swings, cleanup the driver a little bit. For the most part it's nice to feel like you shot 68 and it was good.

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