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March 17, 2016

Scott Drew

Taurean Prince

Johnathan Motley

Providence, Rhode Island

Yale - 79, Baylor - 75.

SCOTT DREW: Obviously disappointed. I thought Yale did a great job in the second half making things tough for us to score. We only shot 38 percent. But I thought Mason really controlled the game. We had a difficult time matching him. Didn't want to try to foul him at the end because he was 11 for 11; he's a good free-throw shooter, too. But really got to credit him and Yale for playing an outstanding game.

We took care of the basketball, only seven turnovers, 14 to 8 on the offensive glass. Big difference was free throws. They did a great job getting to the line and Mason did a great job making them.

Q. Taurean, you guys are obviously highly motivated after what happened last year. Where do you think things kind of went wrong in this game?
TAUREAN PRINCE: We just got out-rebounded and they played harder than us the whole 40 minutes.

Q. Taurean, you just said that they played harder than you guys. Was that the source of some of the frustrations during the game is that you couldn't match their intensity?
TAUREAN PRINCE: Yeah. That was part of it, but I mean, we were pretty much losing the whole game, too. I got some frustration with it. We just lost.

Q. You said you got out-rebounded and I checked the stats; you did, 36-32. How does Baylor get out-rebounded by Yale? How does that happen?
TAUREAN PRINCE: They had more rebounds than us.

Q. You said you got out-rebounded, you did, 36-32. How does Yale out-rebound Baylor?
TAUREAN PRINCE: You go up and grab the ball off the rim when it comes off, and then you grab it with two hands, then you come down with it, and that's considered a rebound. So they got more of those than we did.

Q. You guys tried a few things defensively. Were they just finding the open areas, or what was going on?
JOHNATHAN MOTLEY: We just didn't keep our man in front of us. That's what we didn't do. Simple as that.

SCOTT DREW: To answer the rebounding question, I think it's fair to look at -- Yale out-rebounded Illinois 48-25. They were even on the glass against Duke and SMU but had more offensive rebounds, I believe, against both. They're seven in the country in Ken Pom's RPI offensively and defensively. I believe we're third offensively in rebounding, but like 30th defensively. So they're a very good rebounding team.

And I think the biggest thing anyone can mistake is where someone, what conference, what school, whatever, that's what makes March Madness March Madness. It's not who's the best team four out of seven games like the NBA. It's who's best for that 40 minutes. Yale was better than us today for 40 minutes, and that's why they won this game. I think they're very well-coached, very disciplined, and it's a very good team. So I think they deserve a lot of credit. They've got a lot of veteran guys, a couple 23-years-olds, and I think that experience helps. So they deserved to win.

Q. Coach, after what happened last year, losing the first round, does this one sting that much more?
SCOTT DREW: They all sting. I think we were all focused on making sure we didn't have the same ending we did last year, and we got off to a good start. And then we had trouble controlling Mason and went to man, and I thought we were able to mix some things up and slow him down a little bit. But, unfortunately, offensively we really dipped in the second half, shooting only 38 percent, and first half we were 52 percent, 51 and change. I thought that really hurt us.

Q. What do you think the problems were defensively? Was it just their passing or --
SCOTT DREW: No, I think they have very, very good players. They've got guys who are going to make some money playing this game, number one, and then, number two, I think -- again, I think Mason really controlled the tempo, and he created offense for everybody else. If you trapped him on the ball screen, they threw out and got some open looks. If you switched, well, now you had a rebounding disadvantage. If you gave long help, now they were able to hit a three with 32. So they did a good job exploiting him on ball screens and making it tough.

I think he really deserves a lot of credit for playing an outstanding game.

Q. Did the team lose its cool for a little bit there in the second half? Were there frustrations where they maybe got out of their character?
SCOTT DREW: The one thing you don't want to do is when you get down, you don't want to rush on the offense, you want to use that energy on the defensive end. And I thought on the offensive end we took a couple for a stretch there, we took some quick shots, some bad shots. And what happens is everyone tries to make a play to get your team back, and there's no home runs, there's no five-point shots or six-point shots. That was disappointing. I thought if we would have stayed a little more poised and got some higher percentage shots, maybe the lead doesn't grow to where it did and made the comeback that much tougher at the end.

Still, credit the guys for fighting back to where we got the ball with six seconds and a chance to win the game or tie the game. We just didn't execute at the end of the game.

Q. Just walk through that last possession and what you saw there. Obviously you're limited with what you can do with six seconds, but you couldn't have been happy with the result.
SCOTT DREW: Yeah, we're trying to spread them out and allow Lester to get to the paint. He had just come down and gotten a lay-up prior to that. But really trying to come down and create a shot for somebody else. And unfortunately I think he slipped, lost the ball, and we weren't able to do that. But he's fast enough and quick enough to get a shot for himself or get a shot for a teammate. He's done that throughout the year at different times and in practice. We felt comfortable that he'd be able to create an opportunity for somebody else or if he had a wide-open lay-up like the last one, he would have gotten it.

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