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March 17, 2016

Trey Pinkney

Demitrious Floyd

Thomas Walkup

Brooklyn, New York

Q. Get the obvious out of the way, pressing team plays pressing team. The old adage is pressing teams don't like to be pressed. How do you think that plays out tomorrow?
TREY PINKNEY: Well, I believe that we handle pressure pretty well. If we go back to the first year that we made it to the NCAA Tournament, and we played VCU, we did a really good job handling their pressure. So we're kind of going to take the same steps in this game because me and -- Thomas was a part of that team. We have a couple guys who were there as well. So we prepare for it the same way, and we're going to handle the pressure to the best of our abilities.

THOMAS WALKUP: We have a ton of guys who are high IQ guys, can pass it, dribble it. So we're not only relying on Trey to bring the ball up every time. We can help take some of the pressure off of him, and I think that will go a long way as far as valuing the basketball.

DEMETRIOUS FLOYD: Yeah, we go through pressure every day during practice or whatever, so I feel like we should be able to handle pressure.

Q. Thomas, I was just kind of wondering how much does West Virginia's size advantage come into play for this game tomorrow? And what kind of things can you guys do to kind of negate the size advantage that they might have and rebounding and things like that?
THOMAS WALKUP: That is something we talked about a lot, but our physicality will have to negate some of that. Really it's attention to detail. No possessions where you miss a block out. Everything has to be right down to detail so that we finish out possessions strong. That's the best way.

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