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March 17, 2016

Katie Frerking

Terri Williams-Flournoy

Tra'Cee Tanner

Waco, Texas

THE MODERATOR: All right, everyone, our final press conference of the day with Auburn. On the dais with me I have Auburn Head Coach Terri Williams-Flournoy and student athletes Katie Frerking and Tra'Cee Tanner. We'll start with questions for our student-athletes.

Q. Just ask both players, how important is it for Auburn to be back in the NCAA after such a long drought?
TRA'CEE TANNER: Well, it's definitely an honor for us to be able to come out here and be the face of Auburn again and do something that hasn't been done in a minute. But we've worked hard for this, and we're going to take full advantage of the opportunity. But we just want to come out here and do big things.

KATIE FRERKING: Yeah, I think we're definitely excited to be here, and we take so much pride in playing for Auburn and what that school means to all of us, and so we're glad to be here and be representing our school.

Q. For either player, how important is it, it's a big tournament, NCAA tournament. How important is it to focus on one game at a time and not look ahead?
KATIE FRERKING: That's definitely something that our coaches have emphasized to us in all of our preparation. We're used to that, playing in the SEC, and as tough as that conference is night in and night out, we have to just take one game at a time, so we're used to that. And coming right off the SEC tournament where that was our goal as well, and we know how to do that and just focus on one team and one game, and that's what we plan on doing.

THE MODERATOR: Any further questions or our student-athletes? All right. Thank you, ladies. We'll now open it up for questions for Coach Flournoy.

Q. How is this different, this is your second team to the NCAA tournament. So how is this different from the first time for this Auburn team as it was or compared to the first time with Georgetown?
COACH FLOURNOY: I think it's not that much difference because you're so excited. As a player I went to the NCAA tournament. As an assistant coach I went to the NCAA tournament, and then as a head coach taking your team for the first time it's a different type of excitement because you're no longer excited for yourself. You're just truly excited for your players.

And it's so funny when we think about this, my first time at Georgetown, we actually got put in the same region as Baylor as well. So it's been such a coincidence as well as the last time that the SEC -- I mean the last time the NCAA tournament got nine teams in there from one conference was when I was at Georgetown when the Big East got there. So now I'm the only one who's been there twice.

Q. Like I was asking the players, Auburn getting back in the NCAA tournament, clearly when you got this job, part of the goal had to be to get to this point. I know you got a long way you want to go, but what's kind of come together for you at Auburn that's allowed this to happen this quickly?
COACH FLOURNOY: It was definitely a goal taking the job at Auburn. You know, you look at it, it takes a little while to rebuild a team and it took us three years to build it, and then when you think about the way we play, the way we play we're a very aggressive, pressing team, and our defense is a lot of rotations. It's a lot of movement. It's a lot of things that have to be done correctly in the right way. We're not just running up and down the floor trapping people, all out of control. There's a ^ rotation, there's things that have to be done. And I think the end of last year when we really went on that roll when we won four of our last five games, you could tell at that point it was starting to click, because we were a young team. So you could tell at that point it was starting to click, and we brought that into this season.

Q. Coach, you guys played against St. John's last season. You didn't come out on the winning end. Is there anything that you take from that game at all, even though it was last season, and bring it over to this game?
COACH FLOURNOY: Oh, absolutely. We've played them twice. We played them last year at their place and we played them the year before at our place. So we're one and one. We beat them at our place; they beat us at their place. You do. You take a lot from it. That's not everything that you go on about because the team is different. His team is different, our team is different, but there are a lot of similarities because nobody plays the way we play. So we have to look at how they went against our press, what they did against our zone because their teams are so much different than our team. But we'll look at some of it. We'll pay attention to some of it, but it won't be everything.

THE MODERATOR: Any other questions for coach? All right, coach. Good luck tomorrow.


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