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March 16, 2016

Kris Dunn

Junior Lomomba

Kyron Cartwright

Ben Bentil

Raleigh, North Carolina

THE MODERATOR: Okay. Now we're ready to begin the student-athlete portion of the Providence press conference and at this time we'll go ahead and open up the floor if you have a question.

Q. Kris, I know you probably recounted this many times, but can you kind of tell me what went into your decision to come back this year and how it's played out. Has it been extremely beneficial? In retrospect was it a good decision, that kind of thing?
KRIS DUNN: Yeah. The reason I came back, I wanted to finish school. This is my last year as a senior. I just wanted to graduate, and I just wanted to be a good role model for my two little sisters. They are about to go into high school and I wanted to show them the importance of education, and get experience and knowledge on the court. Last year was my full first year and I want to get experience for that.

I felt like my decision is phenomenal. I feel like I made a great decision for myself and my family. This year has been fun. The beginning of the year we came out hot and then ran into some bumps in the road, but we were able to bounce back and I really don't regret my decision, so.

Q. You guys went through this a year ago, each of you, so this could actually be for all of you if you'd like. How did last year's experience going to the NCAA Tournament, help you in preparing for this year?
BEN BENTIL: I mean, it prepared us to a point that we know we want to get back here. It was a mission on our mindset from the jump. And the freshmen wanted to come out here, we've been here before. So we told them it's a great experience and we'll work to get where we need to go. So it was a motivation for us to get back here.

KYRON CARTWRIGHT: Definitely, being a young kid, last year, it was an eye-opening experience for me. And I was kind of a little disappointed in the outcome of the game. It had always been on my mind since that day that I wanted to be back in this position.

Q. Ben, maybe your best game and one of your worst at the Big East Tournament. What did you learn from maybe those two games together?
BEN BENTIL: I learned a lot. The most important thing I learned was the love of my teammates. The one you said was the best game, it was all love, and when I was in a slump and not hitting shots, Kris and I, the team picked us up at the last minute. It was two games that I realized my teammates, we always got each other's back.

Q. Kris, after looking at Southern Cal, obviously, their tempo is very fast-paced and they have very good guards. Your impressions of Southern Cal?
KRIS DUNN: Yeah. I think you said it. They like to play at a fast tempo and they are very talented to the guards and to the bigs. Very athletic, very different from the Big East teams that we've played against due to how talented they are and how athletic.

I think it's going be a great, fun game and I think the tempo is going to be fun. Tomorrow is going to be an up-and-down game.

Q. Kris, with all of the injuries you went through your first couple years of college, did you ever get down on yourself? Being as highly touted a recruit as you were, when this happened, that you would reach your fullest potential?
KRIS DUNN: I definitely got down on myself. I think nobody wants to be injured. I had a great support with my family and teammates. I had a great trainer in John Rock, who helped me bounce back to be at full health right now. The coaching staff did an unbelievable staff getting me back. Coach White, our weightlifting trainer, he was with me every day and was making sure I was at full health.

I have to appreciate Providence College and all the guys who supported me and had my back and helped me get through that tough time.

Q. Junior, I wonder if you might speak to going up against the USC back court. Looks like they have length, a lot of talent and speed as well. Almost a mirror image of what you have as well. Can you tell us what you've seen in them so far?
JUNIOR LOMOMBA: So far, they look like they're great talents. One of the point guards is like the leading scorer. So, like the coaches say, it's going be a tough battle. At the end of the day it's mainly about us. We have to come in, be prepared and just do what we've been doing the whole year.

Q. For Junior, we've heard for the season, Kris and Ben obviously have had really good years and the, quote, other guys. You and the other guys have to play well for Providence to win. Do the other guys talk about that, you know, and realize what that responsibility is?
JUNIOR LOMOMBA: Yeah. I feel like everybody has got to be accountable for our performance as a whole but throughout the whole year, you know, a lot of focus has been put on Kris and Ben. But the supporting cast we just got to feed off of them, and then just trying to do our best to, you know, to fulfill the mission at the end of the day which is to win. So that's what we trying to do day in and day out.

Q. Ben, your game against Villanova was mentioned. How do you make sure in your mind you stay steady so you don't have another like that? You talked about leaning on your teammates, but just within yourself, how do you make sure you are all right after that?
BEN BENTIL: I learned a lot that game. Shots weren't falling. Every player wants to see one go down and get that confidence back up. Calls wasn't going my way. I learned a lot from it and I just learned to play through it. Whatever it is, I just give my best effort.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Gentlemen, thank you very much, and good luck tomorrow.

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