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March 15, 2016

Matt Every

Orlando, Florida

MARK WILLIAMS: We'd like to welcome the defending champion, Matt Every to the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard.

Matt, you've won the last two events here, you're obviously very familiar with the golf course.

What is it that you like about it so much?

MATT EVERY: I really don't know. Maybe it dials me back a little more off the tee, more conservative, kind of forces my hand, can't make an aggressive decision because it's not really there.

And then the support that I get here, too, from the locals and my family and friends when they come out, probably helps a little, too.

Q. Before we open up for questions, you've had an interesting year so far, few WDs, missed cuts. Little bit of everything.
Can you just explain what's going on with your game?

MATT EVERY: Like to keep it colorful, yeah. Yeah. Kind of after I won here last year, I went through this I guess a funk, kind of like blacking out over the ball, hit these foul balls with my driver and you just can't compete out here when you're reloading on the tee and then that stuff builds up, like you hit one and then it's in your head and it's hard to forget them, and I'm getting better.

This year really hasn't been that bad. I played okay at -- in Maui. 3rd round killed me. But, you know, the first two rounds were pretty good for where I was last year and then Phoenix, I was three back with 9 to go, made a few bogies coming in but I hit a lot of really good shots and then last week I actually played really well.

I think I lost by 11. I know it sounds stupid but I could count -- I think I had 9 -- I know everyone had buried lies last week. I had to look for a ball -- take an unplayable in the bunker.

Really didn't make anything the last 45 holes. So my game is getting better.

Q. Have you been working with anybody about this little blackout thing over the ball, any sports psychologist or anything?
MATT EVERY: I do have a psychologist but it's not really a sports one (laughter).

Q. Is it something you did within yourself to combat that and what was it or did it just kind of gradually go --
MATT EVERY: Lot of it comes from swing thoughts over the ball. Maybe one extra one that doesn't need to be there, kind of -- it's almost like a checklist and then you freeze over it and, you know, you tense up and nothing, you can't -- it's hard to release the club when you're doing that.

Q. Matt, how do you explain winning here twice when, to be frank, it's not like you're a contending every single week and just happens here.
It's sorts of out of nowhere, it's happened twice in a row. How do you explain that?

MATT EVERY: The first year it probably was not -- I was playing pretty well going into it. Last year definitely was. I don't know. I wish I knew, you know. If I did, I would play good every week. I like coming in and talking to you guys.

I feel like I have pretty good relationships with some of you and for me it's been nice to -- you know, this is kind of off the topic, sorry, but it's been nice, some of you talk to me as a friend and that's cool to me, you know. So, yeah.

Q. Kind of better vibes when you come here than most other places? Do you come back here also to kind of feel more comfortable, little more energetic?
MATT EVERY: Probably more energetic. Yeah, both. It's cool to pull into the parking lot and your picture be up. I'm not crazy on attention. So that's a little weird for me but, yeah, I like it.

Q. Jason had an interesting answer to this question I'll ask you, how would you feel about microphones being on the people who are in the last two or three groups during play?
MATT EVERY: Well, if they would agree to waive fines I would be all right with it (laughter).

Q. When did the blackouts start?
MATT EVERY: Oh, man, I don't know. I actually think they started in -- at Maui the year after I first won here. I really -- the first foul ball I hit. It was shocking. It was on the 3rd hole at Maui, the 1st Round and yeah, I mean just kind of scar tissue builds up and --

Q. You call it a blackout. Is that kind of what it is?
MATT EVERY: I would get over it and think and what am I even doing over the ball, yeah.

Q. Can you take it back?
MATT EVERY: Yeah. I have to, eventually.

Q. Matt, do you recall when you were a kid when you first became aware of Arnold Palmer and what Arnold Palmer and what he had accomplished and then could you relate about the first time you ever met him?
MATT EVERY: I met -- well, when I was a kid, I don't think -- I don't remember Arnie playing. I didn't watch a lot of golf. I would go to tournaments but, you know, he wasn't playing. He was done.

First time I met him I came over and played with Sam one day here and he was in his office and I went in and talked to him and then I think a couple years later I was on -- I had a minor medical out here and he -- you know, I went and talked to him and Scott and they gave me a start which was awesome and he, you know -- I haven't seen him this week.

He's been pretty sharp the last couple years around me and I know I'm not like a household name but he's definitely treated me really good.

Q. In the past you talked about the two year exemption, not a three year exemption. You said it's kind of B.S., it's not on your mind. You don't take any comfort on it.
Have you rethought your position on that given a three year exemption and have you changed your philosophy as far as having that in your pocket?

MATT EVERY: I haven't really thought about that. I know right now in the FedEx I'm not great. I do want to move up. I do feel like my game is getting better and I also know it only takes one or two good weeks out here to just turn things around, maybe one, two rounds.

So, you know, I'm 32. I'm still pretty -- you know, I think I'm pretty young and have a long time ahead of me out here and don't, don't think about that in my back pocket like a life line, just I want to do well every week.

Q. Are you still working with Sean Foley?

Q. Somebody else?
MATT EVERY: No, just me.

Q. And as two time champ, here have you had any special access to Arnie, do you communicate with him a little more?
MATT EVERY: No, not really. I'll talk to him when I see him for a little bit but he's a busy guy this week, man.

Q. And what are you trying to do right now with your golf swing, any changes you're trying to make on your own?
MATT EVERY: I'm just trying to keep it simple over the ball. For me I don't think it's that technical. I think it's more trust and that just comes with repetition. I'm trying to practice less and play more, especially when I'm home. So, yeah. That's it.

Q. Are you motivated by results compared with your swinging of the ball?
MATT EVERY: Yeah. I would way rather have results than hit it well, yeah. I was talking with Jason Gore last week about your good weeks out here, a lot of your good weeks you know there's a lot of the good weeks when you're done playing, you're like I didn't even -- I don't even think I played that great this week. Just always see a shot. Maybe your mind is in a good place.

Yeah. It's a weird game.

MARK WILLIAMS: Nothing further for, Matt. We appreciate you coming in. Good luck this week.

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