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March 14, 2016

Federico Delbonis

Indian Wells, California


6-4, 4-6, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations on the victory. Can you talk about that third set? A lot of back and forth. Do you think this is your biggest win or...
FEDERICO DELBONIS: Thank you. No, I have like a couple of big wins, but in situation was special, you know. For that tournament, for that surface, for me is the best win.

And, well, I have -- I was like quiet all the match that I know he wants to be aggressive in that third set. I don't do it my job until the 4-1. I have to play it more to his forehand.

That, when I do that, I can break. I can play from the 4-2 to the tiebreak and I get a big win for that, you know.

Q. Which one would you say for you is the bigger win, Federer or Murray? If you had to choose.
FEDERICO DELBONIS: I have another one. The title in Sao Paulo I think is the best one.

Q. Seemed like there were some nerves there when you were serving for the match. Then you had to kind of get it back together in the tiebreak. Just talk about what was going through your mind.
FEDERICO DELBONIS: Was different situation. Both were nervous because a lot of wind they cannot clear to hit, you know.

But when they broke me I stay quiet that I have a chance. It was like a normal tie. I know that in the 6-5 I have my serve. I do it pretty well and I get the tiebreak. I have to do it all the time, you know. Was a big match like mentally that they have to be all the match like this.

For this, I get the win.

Q. Was your strategy to play to Andy's forehand?
FEDERICO DELBONIS: Yes, of course. I know that his backhand is pretty good when he's quiet, you know, in one side. I know that I have to play, hit harder in his forehand to get a good hit or a good position the court, to be aggressive or to move it to him, because this is one of the keys to get a good point.

Q. Are you starting to feel better on the hard courts? Were you able to execute that as much as you wanted?
FEDERICO DELBONIS: Yeah. We worked for that. We working in the preseason for that, and now we show that results, no?

Q. Andy said he couldn't feel comfortable on this surface because it's windy and the ball bounces pretty high. Maybe he said the surface -- your play style suits this surface because you hit like spin and good on the clay. Do you feel that way?
FEDERICO DELBONIS: I feel good the surface because it's not too fast. For me, I can slice in that kind of court. I like it. Also, I like it in Australia. Every tournament I come this year I like it so much. I like to play in that kind of court, in that hard courts not so fast.

For me it's a good court to be aggressive.

Q. This is a great win on a hard court, but were you disappointed you were not selected in Davis Cup last weekend?
FEDERICO DELBONIS: No. No, no, no. We have a captain and he make his choice. (Shrugging.)

He do his best, and for that the team won. I'm happy for the four men that they are going to Poland. They are going to play on that court that was not allowed and they get a win. I'm happy for that.

Q. Is it very different going into a match against a player like Andy or Federer or one of the big four versus another player?
FEDERICO DELBONIS: It's more mentally, I think. With all the crowd it's a little bit more pressure, but I'm enjoying that kind of matches. It's like a challenge every time, and I happy to get it.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about your fellow, Del Potro, his comeback? What do you think he had to go through?
FEDERICO DELBONIS: I'm happy for that. I talk a bit with Juan Martin. He's happy to started to play. Is difficult, no, to get a feeling when you are a long time trying to be back.

This I think a big, big win to come back. To try to give his best every tournament, I know it's gonna took a little bit of time to get it on his level, to get confidence in his backhand.

But I think for him is going to be every tournament is going to be better and better.

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