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March 14, 2016

Stephan Jiggetts

Darian Anderson

Marques Townes

Earl Potts Jr.

Dayton, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Fairleigh Dickinson student-athletes Stephan Jiggetts, Earl Potts, Jr., Marques Townes and Darian Anderson.

Q. We'll start with Darian and Earl. What does it feel like to be here. I'm sure this is something you guys have been thinking about for a long time. What does it feel like to finally be here.
DARIAN ANDERSON: It's an unreal feeling. I never thought I'd be here this early but with the work we put in it just happened to be a blessing to be here.

EARL POTTS JR.: It's all we worked for all season and feels good to be here. Hard work paid off and this summer was a huge time of the year for us and we just jelled and became a family on the court.

Q. What have you seen after this year, what's the initial scout on the ways that they're most dangerous? What do you guys have to guard against?
STEPHAN JIGGETTS: I'll say like they're like, really, big inside and they drive the ball and attack the basket real well. Of course they're a real good team because they wouldn't be here if they wasn't. So we've got to come ready to play, of course.

Q. If you guys wouldn't mind all answering this, a couple of years Florida Gulf Coast obviously had a great run. Is that something that you're aware of as kind of cool to play them given their history? And do you think like, hey, maybe this time around we can do something similar; do you view this as that kind of an opportunity?
STEPHAN JIGGETTS: We believe that we could possibly do the same thing. Our goal is to make it to the Sweet 16 and play from there.

EARL POTTS JR.: We have to come out and play the first 40 minutes and then move on from there. But we have a good chance of making a run.

MARQUES TOWNES: We're all happy that we made the tournament, and we're happy to be a part of this. But our main goal is to win games and that's what we came here for. Like Earl said, we're looking forward to this 40 minutes and then playing on from there. And we'll try to make a run like hopefully they did.

DARIAN ANDERSON: It's a good experience to be here playing a good team such as Florida Gulf Coast. It's nice to play a team that we know their, like, history. And we're going to try to win it on the 40 minutes.

Q. You guys are one of the youngest teams in the tournament. Can that be an advantage? What do you think about playing in front of this spotlight and being young and kind of maybe not having the experience before being an advantage for you?
DARIAN ANDERSON: I think it's a good advantage, because we've known each other for a while. It's easier to get along. We're around the same age. We're young. We don't use that as an excuse for what we have accomplished. And we think we'll be able to make it.

MARQUES TOWNES: Just to go off what Darian said. We knew since the beginning of the year we were the third youngest team in the country and we would have to play that with in our minds. That kind of just gave us the edge. We fought all this season and we got to this point. So we know that it can have some type of advantage, but even though we are the youngest team, we still play with a killer instinct.

EARL POTTS JR.: Yeah, being a young team, we have a lot of composure for being as young as we are, and we play with a lot of energy and get up and down. And we play a good amount of defense, too. So I don't think being young is a disadvantage. But you're right when you say it is an advantage.

STEPHAN JIGGETTS: Being sophomores, we knew we had to pick it up cuz coach looked at it as like we were seniors. We weren't the typical sophomores you would see. So like between within the team, we just had to like stay strong, I guess you could say.


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